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Iam new to this hoobby but i love it.. need help for CG issues

Hi Josh B

iam from Pakistan. country where this hobby only belong to rich people. because in our country there are only 3 to 4 websites who sell RC items. and they are only trying to get as much profit as they can. my salary is not that high which can allow me to get a credit card to buy from China.

i saw you on YT and immediately fell in love with this hobby now you are my mentor. i learn many things and started my own project. although it cost me a lot of money but i kept saving some money from my earning. now savings from last 7 months i made this wing. i know it was my mistake to make this at very early stage. but you will be surprised to know that i tried to find that dollar tree foam board but it is not available in our country. and the foam which is available is very low quality because we only use this foam only for ceiling purpose.

everyone will laugh hard when i tell you that in nights i go out and check the electronics shops when they closed. some time they trough away the foam sheets from packing of LED's, Refrigerators or AC's. that foam board was the best quality which i found on the streets. i made that flying wing completely from that foam. big mess in my home due to sanding the foam.

now a foam shopkeeper agree to provide me good quality foam board. luckily. although it is the most cheapest thing i can buy.

come back to my project. after completing it i checked all those 6 points before flight and i stuck badly on CG. CG point is 18cm from nose and i need your help how to balance it without adding any weight on it as it is very tail heavy. motor i used in 2200kv with 30a esc.

pls suggest me something so i can atleast fly it once.

with new good quality foam sheet now my 2nd project is with hot wire airfoil wing. i will share that also with you.



I'm a care bear...Really?
Well first it looks like there is no room for the control surfaces to move. Is there a bevel on them? also it is quite thick. If you removed some of that thickness that will reduce your weight. You could also move your motor pod farther forward if you wanted to adjust you CG. you would have to cut a new prop hole. I'll let some of the other experts chime in and help more
yes it is quit thick..... let see what i can do... bevel is good. control surface move very easily.
but i will take that sugg. to move my motor forward. to correct it i already made a same copy but did not cut the prop hole.
hope to see more ideas from my seniors.