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flying wing

  1. FT Pizza Box Wing chalenge.jpg

    FT Pizza Box Wing chalenge.jpg

    The first Swiss Pizza Box flying wing build.
  2. E

    What power pack could I use for the 900mm teksumo

    Ok I have been looking into flying wings, and I found the arf 900mm teksumo. If at all possible, which FT power pack could I use for it?
  3. MrFowl

    FTFC'18 WWII McDonnell XF-85 Goblin designed by MrFowl (Eli)

    Hi everyone! I've been parusing the forums here for a while now without giving anything back *evil laugh* ...but it's time I finally give back. That said, I've chosen to compete in a challenge that I won't be able to show up at :rolleyes: ...with a plane I might not be able to build. So this...
  4. Z

    New here and... nice flying wing?

    Hi, like you can see i'm new to the forums. It isn't the first time i fly planes but i'm asking for advice. Does anybody know some plans (hot wire) or at least wing profile for making a good slow fpv fliying wing (load: apm, fpv, telemtry, small camera...)? Thanks, waiting for your response.
  5. RCrazy

    Flying wing

    Hey mad builders! Well, had a buddy of mine give me a Long EZ kit he had started. As the fuselage he started (and I didn't notice before sheathing the bottom) was way out of wack and what was left to do is not my cup of tea, I decided to make a flying wing with the foam cores and balsa from the...
  6. J

    Blade Theory W or FPV Manta

    Both the Blade Theory W and FPV Manta are new FPV race wings. Would like to see a review about these.
  7. Fuzzy Whumpkin

    Toaster Plane Inspiration

    Just wondering if it would be possible to modify the switch thing that david rigged up to turn on the toaster so that you could have multiple on-board charged batteries you could switch between to extend flight time? Seems like you could have several battery packs allowing for crazy long flight...
  8. A

    Single engine push prop Kraken???

    I'm interested in building up a simple slower flying wing for lazy flying and future FPV. I would like to make it single engine to keep the flight time longer and I am thinking the Kraken would be a good platform for this. Has anyone done this or have any insight into making the Kraken a single...
  9. I

    Iam new to this hoobby but i love it.. need help for CG issues

    Hi Josh B iam from Pakistan. country where this hobby only belong to rich people. because in our country there are only 3 to 4 websites who sell RC items. and they are only trying to get as much profit as they can. my salary is not that high which can allow me to get a credit card to buy from...
  10. S

    NASA's PRANDTL-D Flying Wing - No Vertical Surfaces With No Control Problems

    Albion H. Bowers - Chief Scientist at the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center https://www.nasa.gov/centers/armstrong/about/biographies/management/bowers.html He discovered that some of the fundamental assumptions made about the best way to design a wing are wrong. He’s been doing flight...
  11. Raptortech

    Optimizing flying wing design

    My question is fairly simple: how does one decide on the ideal dimensions and ratios for a flying wing given the target cruising speed and payload or other relevant flight characteristics. For a more conventional aircraft, I feel like I have a fairly good intuition as far as changing the wing...
  12. S

    Looking for an FPV ship - and eventually long range FPV

    I'd like to get into FPV fixed wing. I've flown LOS planes-a-plenty and FPV multicopters for a little while but I'd really like to get something FPV that can be up in the air for more than 5 minutes at a time. I've been looking into either a delta flying wing or something purpose built like the...
  13. P

    New Aproach in Flying Wing

    Sorry for bad English Hi `m designing a wing whit kinda NACA 60212 and elliptical leading edge to make a flying wing, it will have a APM board and almost 1.80m wing span ( 90cm each side central cord within 20cm). I would like to make a wing for FPV somewhat slow flight , I´m not sure if 15...
  14. M

    Building an FPV Wing. Need advice and help.

    Hello, everyone! I'll cut straight to the chase... so, I'm building a flying wing type craft that is 4ft (1.2m) of wingspan, with the intent of FPV flying. Estimated all-up weight is about 900-1000 grams (around 2 lbs). Now, what my main question is... where do I start to look for making the...
  15. sierra_bravo

    pusher prop help.

    Hello, I am going to build a ft versa wing as a pusher but i have a question about my motor and prop. I am going to using a turnigy D2826-10 which is 1400kv motor and I am going to use a 3 cell battery. My prop is a 7x5. My question is if it will be able to have enough power to fly. Thank you in...
  16. R

    FPV flying wing plans

    Anyone know of a good FPV flying wing plans? I want something I can strap to the back of a backpack. So I guess nothing more then a 48" span.
  17. S

    Introducing, the TubeWing! FT Shipped me push rods in a cardboard tube and.......

    So I am fairly new to the hobby but have a ton of fun building these foam planes. I ordered some push rods and other items from FT for my next build and they showed up in a cardboard tube with a 2" ID. As soon as I saw it I couldn't help but want to make it fly. So here's what happened...
  18. andycho

    FT-Blunt Nose Wing modify maiden fly*- Flight log Day6

    Because of flying field is far away .. so I can fly only at weekend,not every weekend. so there is only day 6.. Still learning.. I cut the video.. for log record the way of my RC trip, hope you like it :)
  19. andycho

    After 30+times crash I fly an other 39 times, I feel I can touch the sky now!!

    Thanks for guys' advice and encourage.. This help me a lot, and I also record my last fly time. I fly the FT-Versa Wing last saturday from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM in the morning. I can feel the improvement of my flying skill. a little, but fun! so happy~ I feel I can touch the sky now. keep up :)...