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flying wing

  1. jpot1

    3D Printed Wing - "L3D Wing"

    Sharing my first 3D printed design after hundreds of hours figuring out Fusion360. This is geared to LW-PLA and an F-Pack motor. Printed predominately in vase mode with very few retractions to ensure clean printing. My goal was a simple toss and go wing, easy to hand launch and fun to fly...
  2. FoamyDM

    FDM Bandito - DTFB Conversion of the Viejo

    My good buddy @Zetoyoc keeps taunting me with this small sub 40" flying wing platform, the Viejo. It is a Balsa Kit from somewhere in Europe: I am not sure I agree with the power plant chosen by the Manuf., but I do agree with the look. It is sharp. and looks like a blast to fly. After the...
  3. FoamyDM

    FTFC21 - Seaplane Design & Build by FoamyDM, Junker J-1000

    I am also going to design and build the J-1000. I'm not sure the scale Yet. right Now I'm thinking 10m - 1ft or ~1:30 scale These impossibly large plane concepts are some of the most inspiring works. Declaration / Purpose: I am intrigued by the flying elevator, and the long curved up hulls...
  4. whackflyer

    Plane Dominator KFm3 Flying Wing 1.0

    This is the Dominator, a simple build aimed to be a direct competitor to the FT Arrow, but easier to build. The KFm wing is very easy to assemble and the airframe is extremely tough, meaning it's a good plane for a beginner, or just a good first wing. It will fly on the A/F pack or equivalent...
  5. Joexer

    Question on a Novel Concept

    I have always wanted effective yaw for flying wing type design, but all of the "traditional" ways of handling this axis have major drawbacks. Drag Rudders are complicated, Differential Thrust is (IMO) crude and inelegant, Rudders don't have an effective moment. I began looking at flying wing...
  6. cdfigueredo

    Help! New project. DLG flying wing

    Hello, guys. I've been looking for a model for flying in the wind for a while. Many have advised me to fly wings like the FT versa wing. But I'm really excited about the idea of building a DLG. I was really worried about the fact that I couldn't find carbon rods here to build the fuselage, so I...
  7. Crawford Bros. Aeroplanes

    Prandtl Flying Wing

    I learned recently from @FoamyDM about a NASA test project called PRANDTL-D. He built his own version of the prototype and posted plans here: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/prandtl-d-foam-board-wing-by-foamydm.58170/ This morning I began building my own wing from @FoamyDM 's...
  8. Crawford Bros. Aeroplanes

    Triplane Flying Wing (Super Secret Skunk Works Project)

    If I'm being totally honest I don't know why I built what I did, but I can certainly say why I've never seen it done before. That's because there is literally no practical reason whatsoever to build this. The best reason I can give for why I built it is that nobody told me not to, and if...
  9. Darth Raijiin

    Help! Help Please

    Can anyone help me with a weird rx motor issue? It's for a flying wing, and i cant get the motor to engage with throttle input from my qx7, but, it will engage in an output test in iNAV. All the control surfaces work with input from the controller. it has me stumped. I am using a omnibus F4 V5...
  10. FoamyDM

    Plane FoamyDM - Burgess-Dunne Flying Wing 1.0

    YOU NEED TO BUILD THIS FLYING WING: This project is a Great Flyer, Quick Build and only 2 sheet! This Project was inspired by the '20 Flite Test Forum Challenge (FTFC20). Since I have seen the model on Fidder's green, I thought the Burgess-Dunne Flying wing from 1914 is a perfect candidate for...
  11. FoamyDM

    FTFC20 Mara designed by FoamyDM - The Flying Mustache

    This the entry of the MARA designed by FoamyDM The graceful swept curves of this Thermal Soarer are enticing, I am drawn to the unique construction methods employed to build this unique craft. History: The craft was designed in 1999 by Markku Tähkäpää, reknown veteran Finnish modeler. but...
  12. FoamyDM

    PRANDTL-D Foam Board Wing by FoamyDM

    This is Reserved for my Attempt to build a PRANDTL WIng as featured on an FTCC when they spoke with NASA engineer. The one that flies with *proverse* Yaw I looking into it here: http://www.amaflightschool.org/PRANDTL and https://www.nasa.gov/centers/armstrong/news/FactSheets/FS-106-AFRC.html...
  13. FT Pizza Box Wing chalenge.jpg

    FT Pizza Box Wing chalenge.jpg

    The first Swiss Pizza Box flying wing build.
  14. E

    What power pack could I use for the 900mm teksumo

    Ok I have been looking into flying wings, and I found the arf 900mm teksumo. If at all possible, which FT power pack could I use for it?
  15. MrFowl

    FTFC'18 WWII McDonnell XF-85 Goblin designed by MrFowl (Eli)

    Hi everyone! I've been parusing the forums here for a while now without giving anything back *evil laugh* ...but it's time I finally give back. That said, I've chosen to compete in a challenge that I won't be able to show up at :rolleyes: ...with a plane I might not be able to build. So this...
  16. Z

    New here and... nice flying wing?

    Hi, like you can see i'm new to the forums. It isn't the first time i fly planes but i'm asking for advice. Does anybody know some plans (hot wire) or at least wing profile for making a good slow fpv fliying wing (load: apm, fpv, telemtry, small camera...)? Thanks, waiting for your response.
  17. RCrazy

    Flying wing

    Hey mad builders! Well, had a buddy of mine give me a Long EZ kit he had started. As the fuselage he started (and I didn't notice before sheathing the bottom) was way out of wack and what was left to do is not my cup of tea, I decided to make a flying wing with the foam cores and balsa from the...
  18. J

    Blade Theory W or FPV Manta

    Both the Blade Theory W and FPV Manta are new FPV race wings. Would like to see a review about these.
  19. Fuzzy Whumpkin

    Toaster Plane Inspiration

    Just wondering if it would be possible to modify the switch thing that david rigged up to turn on the toaster so that you could have multiple on-board charged batteries you could switch between to extend flight time? Seems like you could have several battery packs allowing for crazy long flight...
  20. A

    Single engine push prop Kraken???

    I'm interested in building up a simple slower flying wing for lazy flying and future FPV. I would like to make it single engine to keep the flight time longer and I am thinking the Kraken would be a good platform for this. Has anyone done this or have any insight into making the Kraken a single...