Ideas for safe battery charging and storage


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I've seen a lot of discussions about the do's and don'ts of battery care pop up lately. We all seem to have our rules, some more stringent than others. Then there's those like me who do stupid things like make home made batteries, sometimes from old packs that have lost cells...

I thought I'd share my charging/storage station and the couple steps I've taken to lessen some of the risks of lipo usage.


It's a bit messy at the moment, but you get the idea. The tool box is an old piece of scrap I pulled from the junkyard topped off with a cinder block to work as a mini charging bunker. I've got a bag of sand I'll set over the top if I leave it charging while I'm not in the room (not that you should leave them unattended, but life happens)

Anyone else have good tips/ideas they've set up I thought it'd be nice to have a new post with them all in one place.

Post what you have!


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This is what I built myself for charging. It is based on a standard hardware store metal box (see my thread DIY LiPo Safe)


I haven’t yet tested it with a real Lipo fire. I have seen similar designs before... anyone got some real life experience with it?
For storing the batteries I use the same type of box plus lipo bags