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ImmersionRC Long Range System - In which countries it is allowed?


Junior Member
Hi everybody,
I would like to use the ImmersionRC LRS and recently found out that 433MHz is a restricted frequency in Germany (where I live). It took me some time to discover this information. The max power for 430-440MHz range is 10mW which is too weak for a reasonable FPV flight.
Immersion claims that 433MHz is allowed in many countries. So I am wondering, in which countries is it allowed? May be sobebody can propose another LRS which could work in conjunction with my Futaba TX? Who is flying FPV in Europe? Does anybody know if 433MHz is allowed in Belgium, Netherlands or France?


New member
I think all LRS are on this frequency.
It is allowed in the Netherlands, but (officialy) you have to have a radioamateur licence (HAM). When you have one, I think there is no restriction in power. If you really want, getting a HAM licence is not to difficult (at least in Holland). But my guess is that not everybody with LRS has a license :p
I think situation in Germany is the same.
Grüsse aus Holland nachbar :)


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Some blokes are fitting out the openLRS units to run on the 900Mhz ism band. Not sure if that part of the spectrum is legal in your country but if it is then it's worth a look