iNav tilting at full throttle on latest firmware


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I feel like I'm definitely pushing the limits of what iNav is supposed to be used for! I either cruise or fly aggressively, nowhere in between. However after the flyaway incidents I really feel like Betaflight is made for 5" max race quads and not for larger machines. Maybe with smaller props and less inertia the potential for windup is not as bad?

I think I'll send this in as a bug report, while a lot of iNav pilots are not looking for racing performance I can see this causing dangerous issues if a motor is going bad. The last thing you would want is your expensive cinematic or mapping camera setup rolling into the ground because one motor can't put out at full RPM. Better to slowly settle to the ground with inadequate thrust, IMO.
Hi and did you ever find a resolution? I'm in exactly the same boat with my Flywoo Explorer LR 4". At punch out the #2 (front right) motor is pegged at 100% and the quad rolls to that motor. Bad crash yesterday. I was descending in my own wash and increased throttle to where it rolled, flipped over and over uncontrollably and I had to disarm about 10' up.

I'm on iNav 4.x so it's getting silly that this isn't solved. Im this close to going back to BF or finding a 1M board for Ardupilot.