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Inductrix FPV - Where to Start Modding?

I've been flying RC for a little over 6 years now. In the last year, I've really dived into FPV Quad's, and I love it! I've gone through several quads, but as of now, I'm mainly flying my Vortex 250 Pro. I just got the Inductrix FPV mini bnf, and I really want to modify it and improve it. Specifically in power, and possibly battery life. Recently I changed out my battery connector to a new one, for some reason Blade decided to put a crappy connector on that wasn't able to send power after 30-50 uses haha. That was fixed and now the quad holds its charge much better, but still I want to improve it further! Its Acro Mode (Rate Mode) seems kinda... well... crappy haha. Does anyone have suggestions on how to upgrade it? I'm a noob here and still feel like a noob in the hobby, but any help would be great!

Have a great day,
Hello everyone, I've been looking into parts to improve my Inductrix (realizing now I should have home made a mini whoop instead of buying an Inductrix FPV), and I came across a new control board. Looking into it, it seems to really improve flight performance and responsiveness. Can anyone give me an opinion on the BEEBRAIN V.1? is it truly worth the $50?

Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M4QR6W...UTF8&colid=1LX8RHQOM80QW&coliid=IEO6DU06NCT5A

hey guys,

New guy here. I recently bought an inductrix fpv pro. I tried to upgrade my battery from the little connector to the bigger one. I accidentally crossed the power wires and a spark and smoke came out. Figuring I blew something, does anyone know how I would go about fixing this..
thanks again