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This post got me hooked to Just today I set up a robot, and now I am hoping that my friend who lives in Maldova can drive it.


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My Redcat Shredder V2 being controlled by random people on This is an FPV range record for me. Someone in Australia drove it.

This is very interesting. For most here, this is the first we are seeing of this. Can you please provide more information on the technical specs on the setup? And the benefits and limitations of it. I'm very interested in it's possibility. I know we can follow the rabbit-hole link... But most here want to know how we can apply this to aviation.
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Most of the robots on the website run on a Raspberry Pi (my robot I set up yesterday does). There is a list of robots that already work with the website, but many people also make their own. There is a setup guide here:

and here:

The website also has a great community (like Flite Test) and there is a Discord server where some of the more experienced builders (not really me) can help you out.

I could give you a few pointers on how to get started if you like, but I am not really an expert.


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Because it runs through the Internet, there is a bit of lag so it would be hard to control an airplane. That being said, I think someone has tried using it with a drone and I'm sure it could be applied to a flying machine in some other inventive ways, such as a pan and tilt viewer.
Thanks. There is lag, as mentioned. 300 ms average on LTE, peak over 10 seconds.

I am not active on anymore. It was a lot of fun I had some other robots on there that smashed stuff. If you have questions regarding setting up your own robot/RC vehicle I would check out their discord. If you're into STEM there is a world of opportunity involving RC these days. Pick up a microcontroller, start programming and playing with sensors, it's fun and chances are you already know some of the signals involved.

If you have a specific question about my setup, I'd be happy to answer it.
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