Introduced someone to FPV today...


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As the subject states, I introduced someone to the virtues of FPV today. :) She was telling me how her dad had wanted to get into flying drones, and they got him a larger one; sounds like it might be a DJI, although she had no idea. So I pulled out my Newbeedrone Acrobee and was showing her what it was like. I put my backup headset on her while i did the flying on my main headset, and she was amazed. I flew around the entire office building at my work, buzzing our office manager's desk, and I whipped it around in front of her while she was wearing the headset so she could see it.

And I had to tell her, "Make sure you're sitting down when I do this; I can stand when I fly, but almost everyone else who does it starts wandering or starts feeling sick if I get crazy."

"What do you mean?"

So I flipped the quad, and I hear, "Oh $#!+!"

"That's how."

She's now wanting to get her dad involved in a local flying club so that he can actually fly his quad, and maybe even get into flying planes as well (the local club is literally right down the road from where he lives, about 10 minutes away from him), so I think he might be getting a plane or something for Christmas. :)


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Very nice, guys. When there are other people at the flying field, I normally offer them a ride under the goggles so they can be like a passenger on the plane, looking around with head-tracker while I fly line of sight in wide smooth maneuvers. Invariably some would get hooked on the experience and want to get started in FPV. All good!🙂