Inventory and listing of planes


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I had a very quiet spell and during the contemplation of all my planes a thought crossed my mind, I know I will make a list on excel.
Initially it was going to be a basic list, more like an inventory of: what I have, whether its air worthy and what its built out of.

As I started to assemble this list, suddenly it seemed a good idea to add more columns to include: Motor, ESC size, Transmitter used, Receiver, channels, Battery used and prop size.

I then sub divided them into: Foamboard that fly, Foamboard under construction, Foamboard to build, ARFT foam models, balsa models, models needing extensive rebuilds etc you get the picture.

Great I thought this was a worthwile exercise, until I started to populate it. In a very short period of time I has lost track of what motors I fitted in some planes, what size ESC's, I have been struggling with which TX and RX combo Ive used for a particular model. The prop I used is the worst one to remember, the smaller and big planes are easy but the ones inbetween I will need to check.

Now I have reached a stage where I can no longer populate my list any futher, I need to inspect some models to confirm what I fitted and confirm the correct battery I should be using.
Its taken a while but I think its been a fairly good exercise and I am glad I did it now. My next spread sheet is going to be a flight log for all the models that can fly as I want to reflect back at the end of this year on how things went.

As Covids going to ruin my flying until at least the middle of February, I may start doing an inventory of my spares and parts. That way I will know in advance when I am running low on a particular item. A perfect example: I only use XT connectors, so when I wanted to use my second lipo charger it was necessary to make a new charging lead with an XT60 connection. It was only when I opened my soldering box I realised I am down to my last 2 male XT60's. So just ordered another 10 pairs just in case. If I had my new inventory list in place I would have relised earlier how low I had got and ordered more in advance.

I know its pretty sad really, but with flying being banned in the UK for the next month and half what else is there to do besides build ! As I am running out of space in my attic for storing models, thats going to have to be put on hold soon too :((n).


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In theory your not suppose to leave your home during the lock down, unless your a key worker and can't work from home.
You can go out to get essential food but all none essential shops will remain closed. Schools and all educational facilities will be closed too, so kids are all stuck at home again.
Your allowed out to take some brief exercise ie a run or walk as long as social distancing is observed.
Its pretty grim.