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Is www.lazertoyz.com still in business?

I realize that recently the owner of lazertoyz.com experienced the tragic loss of his wife. According to the website, they are back in business, but so far, I haven't been able to get a response from them regarding an order that arrived but was missing some parts (motor and esc for my now finished FT Versa wing) that I had paid for in the order.

Over the past three weeks, I've emailed, messaged via their website, and tried calling their phone number which goes to voicemail, which in turn is full and hangs up. No response on any of those attempts so far.

Does anyone know how to get a hold of them? I just need to know if they are still in business, or whether I should just order those parts elsewhere.
They're still in business as of 10 days ago. I placed an order on 11/5 and it was shipped on 11/14, delivered on 11/15. I think he is feeling a bit overwhelmed with orders and the loss of his wife. He's still there....just running a bit behind....



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I had not heard this. I was on the site last night and everything looked like it was still running. I ended up placing a similar order from Atlanta Hobby just because the shipping is so much less because it is in state. I made it to check out at Lazortoyz without a message about a shut down, temporary or otherwise so I'm going to say they are still doing business.

I really hate to hear these things though. Thoughts and prayers go out.
Still no news. Went ahead and ordered my missing parts from HK as I have no idea whether I'll ever get the parts that I ordered from lazertoyz, but never got.
I placed a small order with lazertoyz today. We'll wait together. Looks like he changed the website landing page to include shipping updates so....he's still running...just still a bit behind it seems.

Yes, saw today that he updated the top of his web page. I still haven't received a response yet on whether he'll honor the missing parts from my original order....sigh
I'm happy to let everyone know that Lazertoyz went out of their way to send me the missing parts and even called me to let me know that they had shipped it out..even though I already had received the email notification!