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Jumper T16

Hi all I wonder if there is some out there that can please help me.

I am trying to bind an orange R618 XL to the jumper The rx binds OK

Rudder on TX (left stick left right) on TX moves Rudder on RX

Throttle on TX (left stick up/down) moves Aileron on RX

Aileron on TX (right stick left/ right) move elevator on RX

Elevator on TX (right stick up/down smoves Throttle on RX

I use Mode 2 and TAER on the TX. What am I doing wrong?




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Open TX does AETR in the inputs screen, it automatically converts the output to TAER when you run DSMX, if you set the inputs up AETR again it should work fine.
Here’s shots of my set up in a T12 for flying DSMX
F177E1EE-3447-4E51-884E-072823CF6DD0.jpeg EFC7869B-7F35-434F-AAB5-A487C090C8E2.jpeg


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TAER is the order for a Spektrum system. But different systems use a different order. If you TX has a display look at the channel order on the display, or just move your servo wires around till everything works correct. Or see if you can find a book on that system

Have fun


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You don’t need to set the TX to TAER or change the physical wiring. You used to but Open TX fixed that a while ago.