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Just another n00b...lol

Hello all...finished up a scratch build ft commuter today and took it out for its maiden...it was a DISASTER! But I had SOOO MUCH FUN!! I harvested all of the electronics and only broke the rudder servo arm (which I've already replaced). Best part? I'm only out $1, some hot glue and some time! Cant expect much better than that for a noob pilot just getting in to it...at age 49! Thanks FT!


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I'll probably be doing the Bravo, most likely a basic speed build kit. I'm going with the recommended 2205 radial, but no recommended 6x4.5x2 prop, I want high alpha beast mode. I thought about a 6x3x4, which could be nice, but I can't find any 6" 4 blade props. I want something aggressive so I may go down to 5" like a 5x5.5x3 Hulky or a four blader if I can find some.
Haha, was that meant for this thread
Here's mine before the crash. I decided not to paint it because I knew I was just gonna wreck it...lol
Welcome to the forums @Funkytrunx I’m glad to hear you had fun, even though you crashed - a great attitude! I have the commuter and LOVE it. You should be flying it in no time! Any pictures of yours? Here’s a picture of mine with my mini scout.
Here's mine before the crash. I decided not to paint it cuz I knew I was gonna wreck it...lol