Just inherited a big box full of memorys. I thought I would share just in case the pictures help trigger good memory's in any of you.


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My Brother passed away from Covid 3 weeks ago. He had been storing an box of planes, old radios and motors that I built with him and my Dad when I was 10-15 years old. I am 45 now and I was not ready for the emotions I felt when holding the wing of a plane I flew when I was 12. He had not flown for many years but over this last winter I got him hooked on FT and he started building. The FT planes in front are his projects from the last 6 months which I guess I have inherited. We had plans to fly together again this summer but we never got a chance to. :(

I love the picture with all the generations of model aviation technology in it. Even have my Quad on the roof. Maybe it will help some of you to have some good memories as well.

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Right there with ya, man. My father passed away in Feb. and I inherited all of his planes. Many of them I gave away to the club, but flying his 1.5m Timber, with his radio instead of mine - it made me tear up. And I've got a few planes that he'd had that he wanted to fly, but never did - one of them is a Mini Eagle LRM glider, which he'd spent over $1000 for (found the bill of sale amongst all the paperwork he had where the planes were) that was never completed, and he never got to fly it. I'm going to finish it up and get it flying for him, and I KNOW that's going to hit me the day I maiden it.

I had hoped to get him to go with me to FliteFest next year when COVID had settled down, but he passed due to congestive heart failure, so I know how you feel about not flying with your brother again. I feel for ya - and let me tell you, it's ok to start crying. There're 2 other guys at the field whose fathers passed this year - one in January, one in early Feb, and then mine in Mid-Feb. We all kinda had a moment in May when we saw each other at a fun fly, and it just hit us when one of the guys said, "Wow. All 3 of us have lost our fathers this year."

So, keep your memories of your brother, finish the planes he didn't finish, and rebuild the ones like that Seniorita that need repairs - get those things flying again and remember the good times you had with him.