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KFM4 Mini Arrow w/modified power pod


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For fun took the arrow plan but did it as a KFM4. Flew better than the original. Now just need to design a canopy up front.


Also experimenting with a modified power pod with front BBQ skewers.



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I flew this one first and then the arrow per FT plans. The KFM wing needed a lot less reflex and seemed smoother overall and tracked better in my opinion.
Hi there!

How thick is your foamboard? Or is it other material?

Making original at mo but would like to feel what a kfm4 wing is like
Or is it a kfm3?



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My larger KFM wing was getting a bit beat up so I decided to upscale this to a 38” wingspan. Wanted it simple so the main area will be two foamboard pieces laminated with spars.

The KFM4 piece will wrap the leading edge thus making a nice smooth LE. Winglets and it’s done. Going to use a modified pod with a Park 480. Thinking 9 or 10” prop. Should be fun!