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Ki-45 Toryu

I started to plan a sketch build plane, the WW2 japanese Ki-45 "Toryu". First, my question is, did anyone make a Ki-45 sketch build? If not, and you are interested, I will give it some more work to make a not too chaotic build log kind of thingie.
Since I just started sketchbuilding (this will be my 2nd plane :) ) it will take some time to make it look like the real one, but i will keep it as simple as possible, so at the end i will be able to post a plan of it.
So what do you think? Do you want to see an amateur's struggle? :D
All right. According to my plan, tomorrow i will get my hands on the final parts. I already started sketching up some basic measurements, if i did not make mistakes, the span will be about 1,5m, so just a little bit bigger than the FT Cruiser.
Since it big and i want to transport it wia car, i started working on removable wings, and flaps. The flaps would not be a problem, but if i have enough space i will make a retractable gear and since i have a 5 ch transmitter i will have to connect the flaps and gears together (i will try to use 2 servo, so the flaps and gear will use the same servo on each sides).
So far i have hand "drawn" sketches, soon i will make some 3d models, but i have to work, so my time is limited :p but do not worry, after i got my plans, i will make noticable progress :)
After a long break

Sorry for the big time gap, I have been working and I was too tired when I got home to think :p
However, I am back, and working on it at (my :) ) full speed.
So. the fuselage is not that hard, I will use 6 mm depron to make something similar as the FT planes. The wing will be similar too, but i have to create one with different angles and measures. This is taking some time, but hopefully it will make itself...just kidding, i will have to make it :)
I have the basic measures, but since I like round numbers, it won't be 100% "scaleish", more like 75-80% :rolleyes:.
The tail part will be done by 2x3mm depron pieces glued together, because a 6mm piece is probably not strong enough to survive my fliing skills XD
The motor mounting will be tricky too, I am working on some ideas, but yet to find the best solution.
Once I find my camera i will post some of my paper based sketches, and once i make a fully assembled fuselage i will post that too :)
Till next time, good flying, good crashing, good repairing, and good flying again :D