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Kickin' it with Kenny - Josh Scott performance


Junior Member
Hi folks,

I thought it was worth dedicating one post to Josh Scott performance on "Kickin' it with Kenny" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7N6_jvPrAk

  1. I always found J.Scott pretty good in animating the show, but this time, I was such amazed on his great capacity to lead the interview of Kenny, while Kenny is already a show man.
  2. Also later in the video, we see J.Scott commenting twice what's going next to happen.
  3. At the end, this is J.Scott again interviewing J.Bixler on the experience of the day.

It's just like he would be animating his own TV show. He kinda remembered me what did Dan Corterse on MTV in the early 90's animating a sport show.
Just awesome performance what Sir Scott did here. Josh, you did great.


Josh S. brings a lot of quick, clever humor to the show which is his greatest value to FT, in my opinion. He's obviously a very smart, quick witted guy.