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Kinda new...

Ok..nvm. I just found another post that said there aren't any FAQ pages yet. I'll just do a search first then ask if I can't figure out what I need to know
your gonna love the foam then. sooooooooo much easier!


me :cool:
Ive been on a flight test youtube marathon for about 2 weeks just binging on video after video so I see the obvious benefits to working with this foam board. I'm excited to explore the possibilities once ive wrapped my head around the basics..ie. choosing a transmitter,receiver, servoes and how they connect ect. Flight sims have (until now) been my jam.


Elite member
As a regular asker of silly questions I found the lack of FAQ odd but all the people here super helpful. Nobody has told me to “go use google noob” which is a sign of a healthy, helpful and open forum.