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Kiss FC Not Arming


Wake up! Time to fly!
The only other thing I see different is that the tab below that is set to 10 and I remember my set up vid saying specifically to set that to 0 as that has something to do with level mode.

Is the taranis set to use sbus? You mentioned pwm earlier. I really need to get one of those.. I stayed away from it as most new people have issues with them which is why I call them a taranus on occasion.

If that does not cure the problem we are at the end of my skills in the unknown. The next phase would be desoldering things which is another night mare scenerio we want to avoid if at all possible.
I don't see any setting to switch to sbus so I think it automatically knows that it is setup with sbus. Thanks for your help, I have no idea what to do now.


Wake up! Time to fly!
MAybe PM Snarls as he has a full kiss set up and I beleive he uses a taranis as well. OR maybe take a break and give this a day and see if people like CraftyDan or Cranialrectosis chime in. They have the better grasp on all that stuff here. Mean while you could try to contact the Flyduino guys on the website or RCgroups.

Sorry We were not able to work thru it. Like I said I don't have a taranis so that makes it even harder. GL and I hope it gets resolved soon for you.

On a side note I would flash the FC up to 1.03 or higher if there is newer release so you can get Dshot on there. That made a huge difference for my flying and it also eliminates the calibrating esc's n such. and if your esc's are 1.02 then they can be flashed right thru the gui and not have to mess with any FTDI connections.
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My FC has RC28 firmware and my ESCs have 1.03. I just emailed Flyduino. Thanks for all of the help. I will be done for tonight I guess and then try more tomorrow.

(Edit) Also, do you know why all of the stick inputs would work when my quad is hooked up to the computer but when it is connected to the battery I have no control over anything.
Eman, Have you set your internal or external RF on your Taranis under your specific model. You might have it backwards. Set it to D16 on the internal RF module on your Taranis I have an x9d as well KISSed out Alien. Then double check your AUX channels on your taranis. Also have you done any firmware updates to your Taranis? If not I would look into that as well.