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KK2.0 help


Junior Member
so first quad and seems that i still don't have the KK2.0 set right seems when i lift off it wants to pitch foward or to the side all my trims are set to 0 any idea what could be doing this or do i need to just set radio trim till it lifts off straight



Old age member
Did you make a static balance of the quad - checking weight balance and straightness?
The motor/esc need to be calibrated first of all.
If everything is checked then you might have to trim the tx until it stays.
when you turn the kk2 on, where it says self-level does it say on or off. If it says on then you are in self level mode which means when you calibrated your gyros you could have been slightly off level which would then cause your quad to move in that direction


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
I would ask, when you say 'pitch' do you mean aggressively, or do you mean 'drift'?

Drift could mean what biggles says, as in the ACC Calibration was done in an un-level condition. On my homemade quad with nylon ties for landing gear, I have to set my booms on four drinking glasses to eliminate the inexactness of the landing legs.

If your quad is pitching aggressively, that opens up a lot of possibilities.


Junior Member
i have to wait for replacement props i bent one, i have the board mounted on top of the quad in the foam box it was shipped in is this ok to use ? or will it move around to much


Junior Member
i'm about done with this board :( put new props on and put on level area and re cal'ed it re set the esc's and still when i take off it wasnt to drift all around , and i have little yaw control