kk2.1 p & i and Electrohub


i was wondering what your p and i gains and limits are for the flitetest electrohub for FPV. and also when i have the auto level off and i fly it still is in half auto level because the quad twitches a little bit, like when i come to a stop
now i am using a kk2.1 with one of the latest Stevies firmware (re-flashed about a month ago)

also if one is looking at getting a electrohub, buy one they are really good the are as solid as a rock. great size, nothing to fault except you will need zip ties because the zip ties break in hard landings. if you are using the dt700 like i am or the dt750's then the discs have the right holes (not all), but you will need a 25mm m3 bolt and a m3 lock-nut or m3 nuts with thread-lock.
and if anyone was wondering can you fly with a 11x4.7 prop, you can there is about a >5cm gap between the closest props. and the gopro hero3 on 1080p wide you will only get a little bit of prop in your view ( like you will only notice it if you look for it and when it is stopped).


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Hey Matt,

PI settings will vary between multirotors -- even if you've got the same frame, you don't have the same ESCs or Motors. what will work for someone else may not work for you. If you've been able to fly it in acro mode a little, keep working on that -- you'll need to fly in acro to tune the gains.

From your description it sounds like you might be flying acro but you're getting wobble . . . is it fast or slow? fast wobble (almost a jitter), is too high of a P gain. a slow lazy wobble is too high in I . . . or if you've been playing with your stick scaling it's set too high for your touch, and it's responding to you better than you realize. A video of it flying might help us better see what you're describing.

Zipties are cheap. You'd rather them break instead of a boom . . . or something even more expensive.

Keep at it! it'll keep getting better :)


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Also: Don't change the PI limits from the defaults, just the gain.

The limits define the percentage of motor power that can be used to correct the position. A limit of 20 leaves 80% motor power for commanding a direction change from the receiver.

I didn't know that last weekend when I was finally trying to tune my quad and just set it higher and higher as I did change the P gains. When the motors started behaving weirdly (like some kind of stuttering noises) I stopped tuning and decided to go back home and read the manual again ;).


OK thanks for the help
and the wobble was like a jitter and i agree that zip ties are cheap and the jitter has not cause a crash and most of the time the jitter is when i stop/ pull back to stop it form moving forward.