1. J

    Problem arming kk2.1.5 and esc calibration

    Hi I am setting up a kk2.1.5 on my hex rotor. Turnigy 9x transmitter and receiver stock kk2.1.5 from hobbyking stock turnigy plush 30amp esc multistar 2213-935 motors The problem I'm having is that no matter what I do I cant get the throttle to zero in the receiver test, the lowest it goes...
  2. B

    KK2.1 Board

    Hey there, I'm building a quadcopter using a KK2.1 board and would like it if I could have a link on how to program it. I have not found very good ones so far. Thanks!
  3. devindied

    KK Mini Controller Review

    Would love to see the KK Mini Review for multirotors and for planes. I know there are multiple versions of firmware for these boards(same as the KK 2.1.5) and would like to see a video explaining some of the options as well(OpenAero, OpenAeroVTOL etc). P.S. Thanks for taking the time to check...
  4. Random_rc

    kk2.1 p & i and Electrohub

    hello, i was wondering what your p and i gains and limits are for the flitetest electrohub for FPV. and also when i have the auto level off and i fly it still is in half auto level because the quad twitches a little bit, like when i come to a stop now i am using a kk2.1 with one of the latest...
  5. L

    Quadcopter beginner here - need help regarding stabilization

    Hey there! I've just completed my Q450 quadcopter build with 25A SimonK Escs, SunnySky 920kv motors and a KK2.1 flight controller. When trying to obtain a hover, the thing just falls over. I think i've might found the error, but don't know which component is the faulty one. When i hold the...
  6. A

    KK2.1 Hardcase Steveis v1.17S2 Pro issues?

    Alright, so I got a KK2.1 Hardcase and I put it on the HK x650f quad frame with AQ2810-750kv motors, HK BlueSeries 30A escs, 12x4.7 props. Running a 4s 4500. Getting around 15 mins hover. On stock firmware it was horrible. After upgrade there was an enormous difference, almost hands free hover...
  7. A

    Tricopter Unstability Problem!

    So i have built a Tricopter. I like it, but my problem is that sometimes when i am flying, it does not fly stable and starts teetering slowly and violently. I have played with the P and I gains and limits but i dont see any change as I add or subtract numbers 10 at a time. It flys well when im...
  8. C

    Voltage Alarm settings

    I'm using a kk2.1 board and would like to utilize the low voltage alarm. I'm running 11.2v 2200mah batteries and am looking for alarm threshold setting recommendations. Thx Joe
  9. eXsoR

    Anyone test the KK2.1 Board with 1.14SP1 Lite or Pro Firmware from Steveis.

    I just got my kk2.1 board and have been reading that there is new and improved firmware for it and came a cross Steveis Blog. Steveis has been producing some of his own firmware and thought I ask if anyone has used it and what there thoughts on it for a Beginner and Advance User. Thank you in...
  10. RedTwenty

    Need some extra brainpower to figure out this tricopter...

    Hello :D I have a love/hate relationship going on with my Talon Tricopter. I've got it flying, tuned in etc. etc. and it seems to not have a problem until... After a bit of hovering I move off slowly for some out and back type circuits (in the fairly tight area I have been testing in behind...
  11. Mastrmindz

    Need Help with Tricopter Rotorbones

    Hey everyone. It's great to be getting started on these forums. I am glad to consider myself part of the community. First off, I am a total newbie at RC. Just started building my tricopter from Flitetest back during Christmas. I have had many successes and failures, but I am loving every...
  12. B

    Tricopter rear servo partial unresponsive. KK2.1 board

    Hello everyone, I am new to the RC hobby and decided to start with a tricopter. So far I have run into 2 issues. 1. I bought a potentially over kill receiver (AR12020) , and the kk2.1 does not seem to be able to read anything outputs. The only thing I could think of was the it may have a too...