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Kylin FPV Goggles - Replacement 1S 2000+ mah battery?

I took FT's recommendation and bought the Kylin FPV goggles. They are OK. So far the biggest downside is the short battery life. They barely last a single session at the field. The one time I forgot to charge beforehand, I had to replace the nose on my Bloody Baron when my goggles turned off on me mid flight. Where can I buy replacement 1S JST batteries >=2000 mah? I saw that bangood was selling them at one point but I don't like buying from them and the page for them now seems defunct. I saw a couple sites selling raw cells but I really don't want to risk explosions on my face. Just not worth it. Am I going to have to buy 4x 500mah cells and wire them in parallel? I am actually OK if it doesn't fit in the thin slot in the goggles itself, I can run a wire. I was just hoping for a more off the shelf solution.