1. Taildragger

    Skin Mighty Mini Kitfox Skins (Kyle Franklin Speedster) 1.0

    Skins for my fast Kitfox Speedster based on Kyle Franklin's 2017 Kitfox Speedster. According to Franklin it is "A blast to fly" at full scale, so hopefully it is as an RC Both skins scaled down can be seen below (and yes that is trent palmers autograph):
  2. Mid7night

    Plane Super Murder Hornet! v1

    It's small. It's fast. Have fun!
  3. Mid7night

    Plane Baby Bugatti - 24" version 2 v2

    This is V2 of my Baby Bugatti, slightly larger with a 24" span, and a little easier to handle (and see in the sky). We all have our stagnant points... either those times when we're working on something and nothing seems to go right, or we want to try something new but inspiration and motivation...
  4. F6948EDB-D37D-4641-B367-4A766D35EDEB.jpeg


  5. Duck

    FT Goblin - Prop troubles

    My FT Goblin is by far the workhorse of my hanger and it almost always gets flight time when I go out. I've been on a slow quest to increase the speed ever since I saw someone else's FT Goblin at the field. We got to fly together which was amazing but they flew laps around me. I was running...
  6. Zephyr1

    Me -163 Komet - Rocket Plane - 6S Madness

    The Me 163 Komet is one of my favorite airplanes of WWII, it held the airspeed record until Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier. So the name of the game with this project is speed, and lots of it. WINGSPAN: 32in MOTOR: 1700kv ESC: 30A BATTERY: 1100mAh 6S While my power setup is the most...
  7. Pigfarm1403

    Low-wing Python scratchbuild

    -Inspiration So after finally sorting through all of my stuff from flitefest ohio I was inspired by the clean workspace and organized parts to design my first plane. I have a couple of year of building and I have done a variety of giant builds but I would hardly call those "designs". Some of...
  8. OGnapkin

    Landing Jets

    Hey i got a rebel 70 from motion rc and it is my first ducted fan aircraft and i am having trouble landing it properly. since there is no prop to slow it down, i usually come in too quick. anyone have any tips to land easier?
  9. B

    700mm Quad Racing? Thoughts?

    Hey Everyone! I have been developing a new 250mm Racing Quad and I wanted to reach out to everyone at Flite Test about a possible addition to the drone racing concept. What if we as a community started to develop 700mm Racing Quads?! The little ones are fast, but imagine if you lightened a big...
  10. P

    Parkzone f27Q Stryker

    I have been flying my Q for almost 2 years now. But its pretty battered and I wanted to buy another one but sadly found out they have been discontinued. I would buy parts because they seem to be available but they seem to be going too. Has anyone found a good alternative to this plane...
  11. FrozenCanadianFingers

    A Different Take on Davids Rocket Plane

    I had the bright idea one winters day last week to put Estes rockets onto a plane. Having only found one video on the YouTube of a guy who just taped one on a trainer. Also having seen David's rocket plane, I thought I'd take it farther and build an EDF Jet that had two D sized rockets onboard...
  12. jsut210

    Slipso 400 Power Setup - Help!

    Call me a bad sport, but a few of the guys at the local club got their hands on HobbyKing's EFX Racers. Now they seem to be obsessed with speed. So, I've decided to build a Slipso 400 from a kit and show them how it's done. Only problem is I...
  13. D

    Chasing RC Cars with a Dji P2V+

  14. G

    german speed demon

    Hey i love ww2 planes and saw a German plane that had one pusher and one puller prop. counter rotating to counter act the spin. this made the plane extremely fast. I'm wondering if you could design a plane that uses that same Technic to achieve extreme speed.
  15. Tieman

    Short film about my FPV experience

    I was trying to fly much faster then usual. It was fun :)
  16. jsut210

    FunJet Clone

    I recently received a Multiplex Fun-jet that a Co-worker had just laying around! I instantly fell in love with the plane's smooth flight at extremely high speed. Unfortunately the Fun-jet is no longer with us :(. Lets just say there's a pile of foam bits out at my flying field. Anyways I was...
  17. H

    What's a good FAST motor for FT Racer and Versa Wing?

    My dad is getting into RC planes and so he bought the FT Racer, Baby Blender, and Versa Wing, and I am picking out the electronics. The plan is to get two powerpod setups to use on the three planes. One will be just a simple 3s 25A system with ample thrust that'll work well on all three planes...
  18. jsut210

    FT Racer (Slinger) Power System

    So, I'm planning on building a FT Slinger soon. I chose this one because I want to go fast :cool:. When I say I want to go fast I want to be able to really scream across the sky. So I was looking into what prop-motor-esc-battery to use in it. I'm thinking around a 9inch with a high pitch for...
  19. P

    Pilon racing

    I would really love the flight test guys to do some fast pylon racing with your swappables or scratch built racers, high speed, huge banking, and a high chance of things goings bad, what more would you want for a fun day with friends :D
  20. T

    Hobbyking Bonsai EPP Wing 600mm (ARF) - Get if faster

    Hello People. I'm having some troubles with my Bonsai wing. Let me explain my current setup first: Hobby King GT-2 2.4Ghz Receiver 3Ch Hobbyking Bonsai EPP Wing 600mm (ARF) Turnigy 1811 brushless Outrunner 2900kv Turnigy nano-tech 460mah 2S 25~40C Lipo Pack APC Style Propeller 5x5 (2 pc)...