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  1. Pigfarm1403

    Low-wing Python scratchbuild

    -Inspiration So after finally sorting through all of my stuff from flitefest ohio I was inspired by the clean workspace and organized parts to design my first plane. I have a couple of year of building and I have done a variety of giant builds but I would hardly call those "designs". Some of...
  2. OGnapkin

    Landing Jets

    Hey i got a rebel 70 from motion rc and it is my first ducted fan aircraft and i am having trouble landing it properly. since there is no prop to slow it down, i usually come in too quick. anyone have any tips to land easier?
  3. B

    700mm Quad Racing? Thoughts?

    Hey Everyone! I have been developing a new 250mm Racing Quad and I wanted to reach out to everyone at Flite Test about a possible addition to the drone racing concept. What if we as a community started to develop 700mm Racing Quads?! The little ones are fast, but imagine if you lightened a big...
  4. P

    Parkzone f27Q Stryker

    I have been flying my Q for almost 2 years now. But its pretty battered and I wanted to buy another one but sadly found out they have been discontinued. I would buy parts because they seem to be available but they seem to be going too. Has anyone found a good alternative to this plane...
  5. FrozenCanadianFingers

    A Different Take on Davids Rocket Plane

    I had the bright idea one winters day last week to put Estes rockets onto a plane. Having only found one video on the YouTube of a guy who just taped one on a trainer. Also having seen David's rocket plane, I thought I'd take it farther and build an EDF Jet that had two D sized rockets onboard...
  6. jsut210

    Slipso 400 Power Setup - Help!

    Call me a bad sport, but a few of the guys at the local club got their hands on HobbyKing's EFX Racers. Now they seem to be obsessed with speed. So, I've decided to build a Slipso 400 from a kit and show them how it's done. http://www.pldaniels.com/flying/models/slipso400/ Only problem is I...
  7. D

    Chasing RC Cars with a Dji P2V+

  8. G

    german speed demon

    Hey i love ww2 planes and saw a German plane that had one pusher and one puller prop. counter rotating to counter act the spin. this made the plane extremely fast. I'm wondering if you could design a plane that uses that same Technic to achieve extreme speed.
  9. Tieman

    Short film about my FPV experience

    I was trying to fly much faster then usual. It was fun :)
  10. jsut210

    FunJet Clone

    I recently received a Multiplex Fun-jet that a Co-worker had just laying around! I instantly fell in love with the plane's smooth flight at extremely high speed. Unfortunately the Fun-jet is no longer with us :(. Lets just say there's a pile of foam bits out at my flying field. Anyways I was...
  11. H

    What's a good FAST motor for FT Racer and Versa Wing?

    My dad is getting into RC planes and so he bought the FT Racer, Baby Blender, and Versa Wing, and I am picking out the electronics. The plan is to get two powerpod setups to use on the three planes. One will be just a simple 3s 25A system with ample thrust that'll work well on all three planes...
  12. jsut210

    FT Racer (Slinger) Power System

    So, I'm planning on building a FT Slinger soon. I chose this one because I want to go fast :cool:. When I say I want to go fast I want to be able to really scream across the sky. So I was looking into what prop-motor-esc-battery to use in it. I'm thinking around a 9inch with a high pitch for...
  13. P

    Pilon racing

    I would really love the flight test guys to do some fast pylon racing with your swappables or scratch built racers, high speed, huge banking, and a high chance of things goings bad, what more would you want for a fun day with friends :D
  14. T

    Hobbyking Bonsai EPP Wing 600mm (ARF) - Get if faster

    Hello People. I'm having some troubles with my Bonsai wing. Let me explain my current setup first: Hobby King GT-2 2.4Ghz Receiver 3Ch Hobbyking Bonsai EPP Wing 600mm (ARF) Turnigy 1811 brushless Outrunner 2900kv Turnigy nano-tech 460mah 2S 25~40C Lipo Pack APC Style Propeller 5x5 (2 pc)...