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Leaving the hobby- giving it all away

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I have become a victim of glaucoma. Have had 3 surgeries and my eyesight just can't do flying anymore. So.. giving it all away. It's been a fun hobby, but it's done.

I live in Carlisle, OH (south of Dayton). I have no realistic ability to ship this stuff, so please come and get it.
NOTE: This is ALL or nothing. Please don't ask me to part this out


Crazy adaptation of a FliteTest "Bloody Baron", with fixed landing gear. Has an Emax GT2812/05, AR400 rcvr, 9g servos, 40a ESC, 10x4.7 prop- never been flown

Partially 'glassed' adaptation of FliteTest "mini-Arrow". Emax MT2204-2300kv, AR400 rcvr, 20a ESC. Has been flown with Emax CF2812 "red motor" and is stupid fast. Needs some work.

Mini-whoop... has Micro Motor Warehouse "fast" motors, and camera mount. Too fast for me !


Transmitter- Spektrun DX5e
Boscam GS922 FPV goggles, with accessories, extra antennas
FPV camera, mini (for Whoop) built-in trx and cloverleaf antenna
TS832 transmitter, I think it's 400mW
Larger video camera, with parts- does work with TS832
NX3 flight stabilizer- complete kit
Servo tester
In-flight battery alarm


(4) Emax CF2812 "red" motors
Emax 2215/09 motor
Several ESC's
Many servos, 5 and 9 gram
Several battery chargers
Extra AR400 rcvr
Electronic gram scale
WEN multi-speed hand tool, with full kit
Alvin 18"x12" cutting mat
Some xacto tools
Adjustable heat soldering iron
Heat gun (for heat shrink, or film)
Misc heat shrink tubing
Extra props, various sizes/pitches

Lots of hardware- like screws, bolts, nuts, etc. Lots of odd parts, like battery splitter for FPV camera.. stuff like that. Also random FliteTest hardware- motor mounts and stuff.


3-cell- (1)1800mah-25C,(1)2200mah-30C, (1)1500mah-40C, (2)800mah-40C, (1)1000mah-35C

2-cell- (1)800mah-20C (perfect for Boscam goggles)

1-cell- (2)150mah-45C, (3)150mah-25C, (4)180mah-45C, (2)205mah-25C

2 Li-Po "safety bags"

Thanks to everyone who has helped me over the last few years, especially FliteTest. It's been fun !



Wake up! Time to fly!
So sorry to hear that my friend. Loss of sight is not a joke. Loosing the ability to enjoy a hobby does not help I am sure.

Will you be leaving the Flite Test community as well? I am sure many people could still use your knowledge and guidance on things you have learned. Maybe have some one set up a text reader and possibly one of those speak n type programs to do the reading and typing for you?
Hey PsyBorg

Thankfully only my left eye is really bad. Had two surgeries on the right eye and can see well enough to drive, so far. Have another surgery coming up. Left eye also has cataracts. {sigh}
I tried flying a few months ago and immediately crashed as I have no depth perception at all. Seemed everything was happening way too fast now. Even the Whoop is tough- in the house. So, yeah, it's time.
What I'll miss. most of all, is the building process. I've built maybe 10 planes and a quad- over the last 3 years. Several foamies were entirely from my imagination... most were not so good, but I did learn a ton.

I'm down to a fraction of the 'stuff' I had a year ago. Already gave up a bunch of stuff to a neighbor's kid when I was living in Colorado. He got all of the quad stuff !

Oh, I'll be here. Might go to the ground next and build an R/C car. I think it will be easier to track. Yes, I still have more stuff than I am giving away. Much more, but only the stuff that would be applicable to a car.

I know I could probably sell some of the stuff, but I'd rather "play it forward" as I got some free stuff when I was a newbie- that fired me up and got me involved.

Being old sucks.. next birthday will be freaking 70 ! Oh well... what can you do ?

Thanks for the kind note,
Wow I am sorry to hear about your infirmity. However I wish you all the best with your next ventures and I hope your condition improves.

I am relatively new to the hobby and would be really interested in your gear, but I am in SE PA and have no intentions of traveling to Ohio soon. :(

There is no way it could be shipped? While the airframes are especially nice, I am most in need of the expensive electronics that are necessitated in this hobby. Right now I'm working with only one power system and the uber simple 4 channel transmitter that comes with the Horizon Hobby Champ (which broke). Shipping just the electronics would probably be much easier that the planes themselves. I know that it's an a inclusive package but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask! :)

- Sir Fly
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Wake up! Time to fly!
I feel ya mate. I turned 53 just yesterday.. The last eye appointment I had I was told I have cataracts starting on top of the eye damage I have done over the years already. The good thing in all of this is you can still see the beautiful world we live in although from a different perspective. Maybe pass your knowledge and gear down to grand children and fly thru their eyes when the chance arises to be able to spend time with them in the hobby?

Another potential thing is to maybe donate the gear since you are planning to give it away to the local school that has a STEM program? Might even be a way for you to stay involved and pass your love for flight on to the next generations as well as maybe a guest speaker or an assistant in the class room if possible?

Or I suppose I could shut up and let you enjoy the retirement and relaxation that comes with that too :p
Sir Fly


OK. let's discuss this some....

First, my very first, ever, R/C plane was a Champ.. was given to me by a friend. It got me hooked, even though it was a pure evil plane in any kind of breeze. Got "treed" more than once. So, right there, I get a warm fuzzy about your desire to "up your game".

Let's take this conversation to email as various logistics will need to be discussed... please contact me at- rbnoahjr66 AT gmail.com
I should be home all day Sunday as it's raining here and I'm just hanging on YouTube. Le Mans race was a riot.

Hi Rick,
I sent you a PM, I would be interested in this since I'm on a budget and just starting out in flying.
I don't need all of it, but willing to take it all as you said.
I'm hoping to attend flite test east, but health depending. Some days just are not good days.
If I can put make it --- darn spell checker. Let's try that again
If I can not make it, I will give the stuff I don't need to a local friend I know is going and he will give away the rest of the stuff to other new comers and people that need it.
Thank you,

Update, fixed spell checker changes that didn't make any sense.
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Hi Rick,
Really sorry to hear about your condition. My dad has been going through much the same and now has Macular Degeneration too. My eyesight is the last thing I want to loose!

Like Scott said in the previous post, I live in Columbus and am heading to Flight Fest East. Anything that hasn't been claimed by then, we can find a way to get it to Flight fest and to a good home(s)!

Attention: we have a winner... the giveaway is done !

Hi all,

OK, Scott in Columbus, OH can come and get it all. Arrangements are being made.

Thanks one and all.


Yeah I had many the same problems. The champ got REKT when I was taking off at my high schools track and the wind slammed it into a row hurdles! :black_eyed:

Anyways, thanks for the opportunity and I wish you all the best!

- Sir Fly


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Hi Rick. I'm sorry about the failing eyes. When I hit 40 a bit ago I had to start thinking about getting my arms lengthened so I could read the menus at restaurants. Getting cheater readers was much easier.

Any liklihood of coming to FFE? Your experience will alway be an asset to someone starting out and I suspect you would enjoy the people. This year will be my first one.

I wish you well.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Glad to see arrangements have been made for this all to find a new home. Hopefully as Jim asks you will be able to come to Flite Fest and meet the gang. I am sure you will be welcome with open arms and all of your stories and experiences sucked out of your memory should you wish to tell them.
I wonder if he's watching the post anymore? I'm going to call him and let him know people are still active on the post. I needed to work out some details with him anyway.
We talked for a few hours yesterday, great guy with a lot of stories he could share if he did make it to flite test east. I hope he does.

Part of our conversation was reminiscing on rebuilding and restoring classic cars and old gas engines. By the end of the conversation I mentioned Nitro RC monster truck that is fun to drive. It's fun of you like to work on gas engines and crosses with the fun of RC without the need to constantly charge batteries for a day of fun or worry about FAA fly zones and weight of the plane.

So last night I spent most of the night making sure the traxxas T-Max truck was up to par, replaced the servos, new fuel lines, new fuel cutoff, and fuel filter, tested the gas tank, new glow plug. Even swapped out the old AM 27Mhz receiver I didn't realize I had in it. I didn't even know I still owned an old receiver like this. Takes me back to the cloths line clip with the color flag on the end of the controllers antenna to identify what frequency channel you were on to others racing. I swapped that out for a spectrum receiver and blinded it to a controller. I thought everything was looking good for a test drive and today but I couldn't get it started. When I gave up is when I realized I wasn't not in California anymore and I used to drive this truck ever couple of months, so it sat all winter for 6 to 8 months now and apparently you need to put some after run oil in it every month or two and turn the motor over to keep the carburetor gaskets moist and lubed. So despite my best efforts today with a couple hours of trying to started, I failed to get this truck to run. I was able to find the whole carburetor assembly for the same cost of the rebuild kit, so I ordered it and just had it shipped to his house.

As well all know the one disappointing factor of the modern RC electric hobby is when the batteries are dead the fun is over and time to go home, not with a gas powered RC truck and some spare AA cells just incase. So Im including an almost full gallon of 20% Nitro TOP fuel so he can run all day and not have to worry about the batteries needing charged. Just fill the gas back up and your off again. I'm also including all the spare parts like glow plugs and stuff, 8 AA Eneloop batteries and 2 Eneloop chargers for the controller, but the truck runs better on 4 alkaline or a 6V hump back rechargeable pack that can fit in the battery box. A multimeter since he mentioned he lost his so he can monitor the batteries charging like the Eneloops or others batteries, 4 new C cell batteries for the glow igniter, and a few other things. Oh, and one more thing that's a surprise that he will find out when we meet tomorrow that had to do with our conversation.

I am guessing in the end we are just swapping some hobbies. I'm guessing I'll leave some of the stuff he listed like some of the tools, soldering iron, heat gun, servo tester and things that will still be used for RC cars and trucks. But I already have a soldering iron, heat gun, and servo tester.
Still the rest of it will be a huge help in getting into flying is a greatly appreciated.
I'm back...

Sorry I didn't visit for a few days.

Yes, Scott and I have come to an arrangement and I'm getting a Nitro Truck !! Thanks, Scott !! You have no idea how nice you are being. I am about 9/10 sure I can drive a truck. The really cool part is that I don't think R/C trucks have a "tree death wish" like planes seem to.

For those older guys... yeah, eye issues are no fun. Right now I have a fixed focus lens installed in the 'good' eye (have the warranty card!) that is focus-set at about 2 feet. This is fine for everyday living.. cooking, doing dishes, watching cat videos-- the usual stuff. But once outdoors, there is a very noticeable drop in clarity past about 100 feet. So... glasses. Yes, I drive, but not at night- too scary. The other eye still needs work and has zero focus.. always fuzzy. Pretty useless- for now. In any event it has made flying really trying and probably dangerous. I doubt if glasses will help that much because I also have macular degeneration which makes my eyes very sensitive to light (night driving again) thus making being in the sun strange. I wear very dark sun glasses. Too dark to see a smaller plane well. And I have tried.. and, of course, broke the 'wing' as I just lost it in glare and it went in on a turn. It's OK and easily fixed, but it did get my attention that -"this ain't working anymore".
Take care of your eyes, folks !! (I was a TIG welder, way back, and, yeah, Doc says it didn't help)

Yes, I am really going to try for FliteFest, even if only for a day or two. Got to do 'selfies' with the Josh's. They are still my favorite two FT guys. And, yeah, I'd just love to meet a ton of folks. I started R/C when I was 65, so I might not be the usual flier. And it has been a fantastic hobby. Only one other hobby got my attention and involvement to this extent and that was sports car racing. (Datsun 2000 Roadster). I enjoyed the whole voyage and will share my take on it with anyone who asks. At least FliteFest isn't some crazy "clear across the state distance".. oh wait.. it sort of is..LOL. Kidding.. I'll try to make it. Just need to do a few things to the car first.

Thanks again and hope to meet you all

This thread makes me happy, such a great community.
Hope to meet you all at Flite Fest East!
Unfortunately the drive to Ricks place was a test, since the drive to flite test is another hour. And going to Ricks didn't go so well, so I don't think I'll make it to flite fest unless I find some locals wanting to car pool and share the gas bill for a day trip, or maybe a two day trip.

Well not that we met up last night I guess I can share the surprise. During our conversation he mentioned possibly also going into ham radio as another alternative hobby. I just happened to have a brand new 2 meter mobile radio I received the week before. So Rick is now the proud owner of this mobile 2 meter 8 watt UHF/VHF ham radio. It was a coincidence I ordered the wrong one, I wanted the one with the same charger for my other radio and I was going to swap it out or return it and get the correct one. But when he mentioned that I figured he would appreciate it, besides you can do HAM radio and RC cars at the same time.

It was a long drive, but well worth the meet in person. I think the RC Nitro truck surprised him on how big it was and how much to scale they can be with suspension and everything.
I know the 5 gram servos surprised me, going from RC car/truck 1/10th scale servos. I didn't expect them to be so small.
I'm looking forward to fixing up the planes and getting them airborne again so I can crash them against, and rebuild them again, oh the fun of building and fixing things.
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