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Hey guys, recently I have been binge watching a bunch of FliteTest videos and have decided that I want to get into the hobby and build a plane! I have always enjoyed screwing around with a cheapo Airhogs helicopter every once in a while, but I have decided that I want to get more involved. I have very recently been trying to make a little glider thing with some extra mini quad motors I had laying around. After maybe 30 failures and blistered fingers I have decided that I want to use a real motor instead of a tiny 7mm one and actually make a plane with a proper airfoil . I want to build the frame completely from scratch without any blueprints from someone else because I want to have that sense of achievement. I just need recommendations on electronics. I want to buy the cheapest stuff that will get it flying. I don't want to have a giant plane, maybe just the size of one of FT's Minis so anywhere from 1' to 2' wingspan. I do have a 3d printer and would like to use it as much as possible for this build. After a bit of research I have decided that I'm probably going to get the Flysky FS-T6 Radio mainly because it has really good reviews, but also because it looks really good. Besides that I really have no idea about anything else, and will take all the advise and recommendations that you can make! Thanks and have a nice day!

Looking to spend anywhere from $30-$80 on the electronics

TL;DR : I want to build a mini plane from scratch and need recommendations for cheap electronics.


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First tip: Go for the Turnigy TGY-i6 instead (Rebranded flysky), a much better radio/receiver combo.

Yeah, Flysky have sort-of replaced the T6 with the i6 and it is mostly much better for around the same price so get the i6 rather the T6 if that is your budget. The FlySky i6 and Turnigy i6 are the same radio. If you can, find a deal with the ia6B receiver which is a bit better than the stock i6 "park fly" receiver. Either are better then the receivers that work with the T6. Here's an overview of the i6

Yeah - fine to build your own design but I would build 1 or 2 designs that work first. I suggest the mini scout and the FT-Flyer. Just get the recommend electronics (see the FT store) and and you'll have a base from which to then design your own
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Looking to spend anywhere from $30-$80 on the electronics

TL;DR : I want to build a mini plane from scratch and need recommendations for cheap electronics.

Hobbyking is cheap, most of the time. I get most of my stuff from there since I'm on a limited budget.

As you probably know, the size of the electronics is all about just the right performance. What is your planned AUW?

As a good guideline, you can always use the flitetest powerpacks as a guide, but to keep things simple get the powerpacks from them as well. Building absolutely from scratch is really hard. There is is nothing wrong with it, but if you haven't build a plane before I would not recommend it. You'll be crashing a lot due to construction issues. Then is there the small thing about the art of flying. Flying a plane is really different than a quad. I'm still a beginner (Started out in march -15) and my fleet of stuff that flies consist of

A hubsan X4 107D micro quad
A HK Black Widow 260mm quad
A F949 three channel plane (really easy to fly)
A FT Spitfire scratchbuilt from plans
A 50% FT spitfire scratch built from scaled down plans

A bigger plane is easier to fly.

But what you do is totally up to you.

My advice to you is, depending on where you live and what type of materials you have access to.
If you are in the US then I would start with a speed build kit like the with the 2C Li-Po and the Power pack A. It's a good start to learn to build with foam.

But if you like me are outside US, and have to pay customs fees & package making it twice as much, then you have to look at other options.

I sourced 5 mm foam board from a local store. (Sound dampening foam to use with hardwood floor/laminate floor)
Then I got the rest of the stuff from Hobbyking. Tried to match the stuff in the appropriate power pack.

Oh, get a really good hot glue gun with dual temp. Depending on the foam board you have access to you will have to choose the correct type of glue, low temp or high temp.

Do some test builds with the materials.

It's also good to have a look at the FT crafty kit, use it as a guideline for the rest of the things you need to start out.

there is a million more things to remember but this is what I could think of for now.

Please tell us more of your plans, what type of plane you're planning to build.

Another great place to get good advice on going a s cheap as possible is the rcgroups site.
homemade ideas for cheap/and or free