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  1. IcedStorm777

    For sale and trade, GOOD DEALS! Receivers, motors, props, servos, gimmicks, and more.

    Sooo i have been loving building planes lately but have a particular batch of electronics that i haven't been able to use. These are all UMX things. So here is what i am offering. I have 4 receivers, two motors, a few servos and a few props. I am willing to trade these for planes, parts, FPV...
  2. ServoCity

    FREE Shipping Memorial Weekend!

    Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on your favorite Actobotics & RC parts starting now - May 29th! https://www.servocity.com/
  3. R

    Leaving the hobby- giving it all away

    Hi, I have become a victim of glaucoma. Have had 3 surgeries and my eyesight just can't do flying anymore. So.. giving it all away. It's been a fun hobby, but it's done. I live in Carlisle, OH (south of Dayton). I have no realistic ability to ship this stuff, so please come and get it. NOTE...
  4. V

    FREE - tricopter arms with servo

    I have converted my Tricopter to a Quad so do not need the original three wood arms with included servo. I will ship for FREE to seriously interested party (only with in USA). Luck, Vince
  5. Jnr Kuzi

    Whats Your Site? #FreeAD Campaign

    I enjoy Reading Lovely Articles on Technology, but What i Like more is To read something Someone wrote straight from the Heart. So on this Campaign, i want to us to help each other Build our Platforms & Get our Projects,Products & AWESOMENESS out there. HOW WILL THIS WORK? (Requirements to...
  6. T

    online free stuff donations

    This is an idea I had when I saw how expensive it could be for an absolute beginner to get started. I don't know about others, but I have a cupboard full of stuff do do with RC. Some of it I will use, some of it I know I won't. It's limited space and a need to get organised that makes me...
  7. A

    You know how it is SO hard to make time to scratch build with your kids?

    I love scratch building because I believe it offers the best way to create great memories, a sense of accomplishment, and a level of understanding superior to "out of the box" -Plus its less expensive most of the time :cool: And I just like building things! Alas, it can be very difficult to...
  8. D

    Free Tricopter Tail mount for Beta Testing - First 3 that qalify get them.

    I am working on a new design and I would like some help testing if anyone is interested. UPDATE: First round of testers chosen. Check back here for updates. Requirements: - you live in the USA because I am paying postage. If you want to pay postage you can live anywhere ;) - you use motors...
  9. T

    The Slofly28 and Superslo28 Free Plans

  10. colorex

    FMS - Flying Model Simulator - The Free RC Simulator

    :: Flying Model Simulator :: FMS Homepage FMS is the most popular simulator to date, because of its price. It is available for download for free. FMS is NOT the nicest simulator, but it works and it's free. This thread will be dedicated to discussing topics about FMS, such as functions...