LED Strobe Lights (how to)


I found these LED Strobe Light kits on ebay and have to put one on my V-Tail. Yes...I am an LEO.



They run on 6-14 volts. The only way to turn them on and off is with the power leads. Does anyone know how I can power them with 12v and still be able to turn them on and off with a switch on my radio? Can you run a servo signal wire through a small relay switch to turn them on and off?


I found that, but it draws power from the receiver/flight controller to power the accessory. I could strip the red wire from the receiver end and connect it to a BEC from a free esc, but that will still only be 5 volts.
Just curious about your " I am a LEO" comment. I didn't think being police allowed you to add the flashy red and blue lights to things. Since that is generally restricted to emergency vehicles. Just curious since even police can't have those types and colors attached to privately owned vehicles.

Good topic thou I learned alot! I may add flashy lights to my setups.


Yes, but I have a memo of understanding with the FAA and am authorized to stop any speeding and/or reckless UAV and arrest the operators if they attempt to flee and elude. All operators will be subject to rigorous questioning to determine if they are under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substances and arrested.

Once I have finished writing my department's policy manual, I will be filling other sworn and non sworn positions through the state. One perk to my agency is that FPV is authorized. Once testing is complete, all Deputies will be issued portable EMP devices that when activated within 20 feet of the offenders transmitter will render their vehicles inoperable.

If interested, post your resume below. You will be contacted shortly.
Wow that's very over the top. But hey I guess I will never goto Florida! With over the top police with portable emp and laser guns! Don't forget DJI owners are the devil! (I am joking, not about DJI owners ☺)

What the speed limit for UAS anyways?

Hope all your new tech works out for you.
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