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  1. J

    Arduino Code for lighting system without using delays

    Hi, Arduino is not multitask and each time you put delays, you stop the program execution. This make any lighting system very sequential and not realistic. This also reduces the capacity to do multiple other tasks in parallels I wanted to have wingtip strobes blinking fast two times and have a...
  2. LAZY J

    LAZY J's super simple simple Storch build "THE BUDGIE"

    Hi all! Thought I would share my recently completed build of a 3 channel modification based on the FT Simple Storch - this one has come about due to the need of something nice and simple to introduce my 10 year old nephew to the art of aeromodelling. The general goal here was a simple three...
  3. F

    Blade 350 QX With 10,000 lumen light | Night Flying

    This video is the blade 350 QX with a 10,000 lumen light on it. The light was ran off a 1300 Mah 3s battery. The 350 QX was ran off a 2200 Mah 3s. If you want to see how we built this check out our article (coming soon).
  4. P

    DTF (almost) foamboard in the UK

    After buying loads of foamboard from various companies in the UK, trying to find one that is as light as DTF and has a paper surface that peels like DTF, and is relatively cheap, I have to admit, I've failed. However, the last box I bought is the closest so far. It is lighter than most, the...
  5. S

    Big Ass Lights - How do you light up your bench?

    FT Forum Friends - Hey, I am not trying to sell anything but was wondering what everyone does for their bench areas. My wife and I built a new house a year ago, and we have yet to finish the basement. I have secured an area for my RC bench, etc. It had had no outlets (didn't finish, just...
  6. F

    cessna 185 night flyer!

    Hey guys just thought I would post some pictures of my latest build. I got the plans from RCGROUPS and modified them to work with DTFB (which didn't take much.) Unfortunately I don't have any picture of the build process, I really need to get better at that. I can however try to answer any...
  7. Montiey

    Profile FT3D Motor questions

    After the moisture destroyed my kit FT3D at flitefest, I decided to satisfy the urge for an AS3Xtra by building a profile 3D foamie. I used nothing but hot glue and large popsicle sticks to secure the tail and all that, but heres the problem. The only motor I have is a 24gram blue wonder equiv...
  8. jamieFL

    LED Strobe Lights (how to)

    I found these LED Strobe Light kits on ebay and have to put one on my V-Tail. Yes...I am an LEO. http://youtu.be/e6cqPv08yLw http://www.ebay.com/itm/RC-LED-Light-Kit-Strobe-Flash-Effects-Chaser-8-Leds-4-Red-4-White-/141174579858?pt=UK_ToysGames_RadioControlled_JN&hash=item20dea92292 They run...
  9. T

    Help me complete my lighting diagram please

    Got all my gear, now I have to assemble it. But first ... I need to make sure I am wiring this right. If you more experienced pilots and builders could lend me a hand it would be greatly appreciated. Below is my unfinished diagram (please forgive the MS Paint Graphics, my graphic design...
  10. T

    Making it rain ... blue light

    Anyone have an idea what I will be doing with these for my next project? ... ... If you saw the NEAT Fair episode with the Kraken night flight these will be familiar.
  11. B

    May provide a little help to the ones that print plans!

    So i started in the scratch building and that is where I am comfortable at the moment because its affordable, and just all out fun. I use the Dollar Tree foam board and print plans from many sites on the internet but most of them have been from Flitetest. I enjoy sitting in the floor for hours...
  12. T

    HobbyKing Bixler - TX Light

    Hey There! I've had my H.K Bixler for a few months now, and have only had this problem recently. The light on my stock TX (Transmitter) is flashing. For most of my flights the light was solid, I've only had one flight in which the light was flashing and I quickly lost control, fortunately, the...