Lemon stab plus lost signal


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I have a Lemon stab plus LM0044 All Leds randomly go out sitting on the bench or doing a range test and lose control throttle and servos. Transmitter is a
Orange TX10i. Transmitter has been working good on an aeroscout and simulator. leds go out in all modes. I did a factory reset. no help. Antennas are
at 90% not cole to battery need help. What do I try next any suggestions. Thanks, Dave


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How far from the RX is the radio when you're bench testing? If you're less than about 6 feet away you can get interference and a bad connection.


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The LEDs randomly going out does suggest the possibility of a bad connection somewhere between battery, BEC & receiver rather than an actual fault. The only test is to wiggle the connection and the wires leading to them one at a time to see if you can 'generate' the fault.
If you can find no connection fault and as repairs to the Lemon, BEC or the TX10i are not possible the only way to find out which is at fault is by substitution. one at a time, by a similar item that is known to work.

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Need to point out that the lemon series of recievers were known to be of suspect quality back maybe 5 years ago
You may well be right, but I’ve got a few including this exact stab+ model, and they’ve all been great. That may have been dumb luck though.


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I started using RadioMaster R88 receivers recently because they pair up with my RadioMaster TX16s so well, and I have seen inconsistent quality. Some of them are prone to signal loss as well as random non-commanded input.


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Me personally would do a rebind and make sure the Transmitter is at least six feet away, when I bind I put my body between the receiver and radio ( too close can cause a false bind, double bind ). This does not cure the problem then I would hook up a different ESC. If it is happening when multiple surfaces are being moved they recommend using a capacitor hooked to the receiver, as the voltage can drop when using a stabilizer. And of course as mentioned above checking for bad wire connections.

Me personally I have at least 35 Lemon receivers and never a hiccup with any of them.


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Need to point out that the lemon series of recievers were known to be of suspect quality back maybe 5 years ago
i have never had issues with the Lemon RXes. the problem was ORANGE RXes and TXes. I have been flying lemons for 7 years.....


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I've been using the Lemon Stabilizer Plus with a TX16S without problems, but I do remember reading somewhere about a batch that was sold with bad firmware.