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Local Elementary School Gym brings in kids bringing in parents.

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My friend Ryan and I started flying again with Hobbyzone supercubs and had so much fun we've gone kind of nuts with it. Since Alaska has a really short flying season we started asking around and after a month long series of emails and phone calls we were able to get a weekly spot on the parks and rec schedule in our elementary school gym. About five of us had bought some of Horizon Hobbies ultra micro planes. We put the word out and got quite a bit of interest for a small town. I would go fly in the parking lot some before the gym opened up and the kids in the neighborhood would see. We started getting a lot of kids dragging their parents in. A couple of us had easy to fly trainers that most everyone who walked in the door was able to do laps around the gym with. I have my kids flying fixed pitch helicopters now and even some of the parents. Before long the parents were looking for information to go buy their own. This year we're seeing interest growing again and hearing about lots of micro helicopters that will be surfacing. It's been a great community get together and we're working on getting permission to start a flying field on city property for next year.



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It is quite awesome to hear of RC developing so nicely with you in alaska.

The hard thing for me is just that you barely get a chance to show people what you do and what RC is actually about so they don´t respect it and make fun of it.

But you seem to have managed that really good. Good luck with your flying field!

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Thanks everyone. I have to give a lot of credit to my brother and rest of the guys in Fairbanks at the midnight sun R/C club
They have been instrumental in reigniting my interest in the hobby and helping my transition into nitro models and helis. Their influence has helped me in bringing the hobby to my own community both in modeling and setting up a field.


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Good job in keeping the interest up and involving the community.
Flown into Juneau and Ketchikan numerous times and have always been impressed with the friendliness of the people, so it
is of no surprise that you are able to get community involvement.
This hobby can stick with you for a lifetime.

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3 new pilots at second day of gym flying

We have officially begun flying in the gym, tonight was my first and the second overall. We had a small turnout, but three kids from around ten to fifteen showed up and got their first flights ever on an Ember 2. They all did really well and the Ember survived to teach again.