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Local hobby with FT stuff?!

I went to a somewhat local hobby store. Great Hobbies in Ottawa and was looking for transmitter parts and new plane when I came across something cool. I saw hanging on the wall Flite Test shirts! I never seen them before and didn't even know local hobby stores had them! next time when I don't spend $ 300 I will get a shirt!
we have family in Ottawa and they live about 10 minutes away from Great hobbies. I have been back in the hobby for about a year now and the last trip was a little more expensive. With spring here I keep telling my wife we need to go visit them because "it has been a long time" and while we are there I might make a little trip to the store. She is starting to question my motivation.
so I can buy from GH and its stuff from FT?
Yes. It takes them a few weeks to get a new product out but they have most everything. And just recently added the official FT power packs so this takes out some of the guess work. For price wise if you take the exchange into account the prices are just a few $ more. So far I have order all of my FT stuff through them.
so I can buy from GH and its stuff from FT?
If you need more proof, here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lxy_0C6qlBM

And yes, I also find that stuff is generally more expensive there (I hate the suppo 9g servos, I just buy hexatronics from hobbyking, they're way better and cheaper) Also, great hobbies isn't a great place for foam. It is more expensive there. Just go to a dollar tree (has to be dollar tree) and buy Adams Readi-Board. It is the same stuff (If you peel off the stickers on the great hobbies FliteTest foam you will find the adams readi-board sticker) and it is also cheaper. I also find the foam is generally "fresher" at dollar trees.

Hopefully they will stock FliteTest resistant foam since that probably will be a FliteTest brand exclusive and will not be stocked elsewhere except flitetest retailers and their own store.
You can use that, but others seem to prefer Adams Readi Board at dollar tree, but you can also get it from great hobbies as flitetest foam if you can't get it from a dollar tree. The Flitetest foam is Adams Readi Board with their sticker on top of the original. Peel it back and you will find the original Adams Readi Board sticker. Soon, FliteTest will start selling their water resistant foam board in sheets and they are probably going to sell it at great hobbies. It will be more durable too so just all around better.


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And if you have a Wal-Mart nearby, check out their Ross board. It's made by the same company as the Elmer's board, but is lighter, and largely comparable to the Adams board. Their are some threads here on the forum comparing the two. It has some definite advantages, and costs less than Adams at US $.88 per sheet. I've used it for a couple of FT planes, and it works very well.