Long Range UAV Drone Concept


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Hello Pilots,

I'm very new here, I don't know anything really about RC aircraft, but stumbling onto the Flite Test YouTube channel gave me an idea.

Is it possible to build a custom drone capable of carrying a CCTV style camera with enough battery life to fly for 45= minutes?

I play airsoft, and I think that a drone with the ability to relay enemy positions would be amazing and worth building, should it be feasible of course.

Any thoughts? particularly on the battery life portion and doing an FPV w/ a CCTV camera?


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Most of the cameras we use for FPV these days are based on security cameras. Newer ones have become more specialized, but it's the same idea. I'm guessing this is what you mean by CCTV.

As for battery life, you'd need a pretty large battery to keep a multirotor up for 45 minutes. A fixed wing would be a lot easier, they are much more efficient.


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Many fixed wing aircrafts can fly for 45 minutes, a good example would be the mini talon but it's a rather fast one.
I guess the bixler could do it if you manage to catch a good thermal or ridge lift.


Ha! That is a really cool idea for airsoft! Are you guys mic'd up so you can talk to each other? You and an "observer" could sit back in a guarded position and direct teammates. Love the idea!