Looking for a PT-17 Stearman Kit, Suggestions?


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Hope this isn't out of place here but,

I used to be a big time balsa builder, I've built more models than I can keep track of at this point, my latest being a Sig 1/6 scale J-3. Lately though I have taken a long break from model building and flying to work on full scale ratings. I recently finished my CFI certificate up, so now I have some time to spare for building again. I have always had a soft spot for the Boeing Stearman, the old 15e ARF from Eflite was one of my very first models, and I built most of the Guillows PT-17 before moving and losing most of the parts that were ready to cover. Eflite almost took 230 dollars of my money for the new foam PT-17, but before dropping that stack of cash I decided to look in to kits I could build myself.

If anyone has suggestions or has built a Stearman from a kit that they enjoyed I would love to hear them. I would like something around a 60" ws, preferably meant for RC (so not Guillows again). I would be open to a scratch built from plans as well, but as a relatively busy CFI with only about 2 hours free for building a night I would prefer a kit.

Thanks all!


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I don't think there are many in that range.

I do know that the Sterling PT-17 meets your requirements, but of you do want one of them, get an older one with the aluminum cowl, as the die-cutting is much better in them.