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Looking for advice on picking a plane.

Guys, I'm thinking about getting a seaplane. I really enjoy big slow planes. I'm trying to pick between the Dynam Catalina and the Durafly Sky Mule with this mod. I have no experience with seaplanes. I'm just looking for a little insight and if you guys have any other recommendations.


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First, asking advice about water based aircraft on a site dedicated to foam that is pretty much destroyed by water is ambitious. ;)

I've been feeling the bug myself though. Have a bud that loves float planes and I own a Pontoon boat. Good match.

Been looking at this:


It's not scale, and it sure isn't a traditional seaplane, but it has advantage of being usable on snow and grass. There is a smaller version also.



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Wait off a few months and get the tundra that looks like the best plane that durafly has right now im picking one up around July or September.


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Most closed cell moulded foams are completely water proof and make very good hulls for water born planes!
That is true. But the FT-Kits are paper skinned and we do go to great lengths to moisture proof them. It was a little joke. It's been a long day, and maybe littler than I thought.

hmmmmm that Tundra reminds me of a Sport Cub S2..... which iv read makes for a great seaplane when you add floats. Iv only flown my S2 with wheels and it handles great. These planes look to be close to the same size but the Tundra has a bigger esc then the S2. It looks like it can be sport tuned a little better then the.......Sport Cub X(
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The flyzone beaver dhc-2 is my favorite float plane at the moment..it does come with wheels and floats so you can choose..
the new flyzone seawind is my next water plane for sure and it may take the spot of being my favorite float plane from the beaver..the seawind is amphibious where you can retract the landing gear out and land on the ground or leave it up for a water landing..check it out..its really cool...