1. ramarao

    RC Sea Plane Build with Depron

    This is my new scratch build RC sea plane with 12mm depron. Electronics: A2212 - 2200KV BLDC Brushless Motor 30A esc 6x4.5 bullnose propeller 1300mah 3s battery 9g servos Total weight with battery:668g
  2. leaded50

    Plane Hydrojet v.1

    EDF Jet with boxwings and floats. Difficulty in build (1-10) : 10 Wingspan: 1200mm Length: 1100mm Recommended Electronics: 70mm EDF 4S - 6S 80 - 100A ESC 4x 9g servos
  3. leaded50

    Plane Pegna P.c.1 - 1921 Schneider Cup Racer ( FTFC21 - Seaplane Design & Build) v.1

    Pegna P.c.1 was a racing seaplane proposal from designer Giovanni Pegna for the Italian contribute in the Trophy Contest. (Pc =Pegna corsa (Race)) The front and propeller of the Pc 1 pivoted up to clear the water for takeoff, landing, and while operating on the water’s surface. Pegna’s racing...
  4. leaded50

    Plane Yokosuka 12-Shi Special Flying Boat (H7Y) by leaded50 v1

    Secret Flying Boat proposal for the Navy of Japan . highly secret design, where very few details is known. Only one prototype was made. The build is made out from whats known, and some designdetails known was used at similar planes in Japan of that time. It have a pretty wide wingspan vs...
  5. FlyerInStyle

    Build log FTFC21 Seaplane build challenge Boeing B and W 1916

    For this seaplane build challenge, and btw, for the Bush Plane challenge too probably, I will be making this Boeing B and W 1916. Since so many news now are about the Boeing 737 max, I decided to instead of going through the future of Boeing, go to its less well known past. This was Boeing...
  6. Dr. Looping Looie

    FTFC 21-Seaplane Design and Build by DR. Loopng Looie- Beriev Be 103

    Im going to enter this russian flying boat. I choose it because I once flew it in a simulator and immedeately fell in love with it. Its quite the intresting design, because its a low wing, something you usually dont see on flying boats. Its also general aviation, twin engine and amphibic, all...
  7. Matthewdupreez

    FTFC21 - Seaplane Design & Build by Matthew du Preez, Lake Super Buccaneer

    the reason i have chosen this plane is i have always loved the piper comanche and this planes looks like an amazing hydro comanche. plans are in the post below..... the power pod in the plans is incorrect... so please use your own power pod..... scale it down to 50% for a mighty mini. or leave...
  8. FoamyDM

    FTFC21 - Seaplane Design & Build by FoamyDM, Junker J-1000

    I am also going to design and build the J-1000. I'm not sure the scale Yet. right Now I'm thinking 10m - 1ft or ~1:30 scale These impossibly large plane concepts are some of the most inspiring works. Declaration / Purpose: I am intrigued by the flying elevator, and the long curved up hulls...
  9. DinosEatPeople1

    FTFC21 - Seaplane Design & Build by DinosEatPeople1, Messerschmitt m23

    Messerschmitt m23 is a 2 seater sporting aircraft. There are many models of this aircraft in the sense that there are open cockpit variants and closed cockpit variants as well as a whole variety of engines that were used on this aircraft. I am choosing to build the one known model of it that has...
  10. FoamyDM

    2021 SeaPlane Design & Build Challenge!

    FTFC21 - Flite Test Forum Community 2021 - Seaplane Design & Build Challenge Simple - Design & Build a Seaplane, and fly it off a waterbody! [Reserved for Challenge Logo] Summary: Participants will design and build an electric motor driven, radio-controlled mostly Foamboard Seaplane model...
  11. DinosEatPeople1

    Mini Macchi m.5

    I am a huge fan of the Macchi M.5 it is a beautiful plane and I love it so much so I decided to make a mini m.5. This is the plane I am trying to make. I found some perfect balsa plans for it so yesterday I tried to do a one day build to make one. Here is the link. I started with cutting out the...
  12. cloudseeder

    Is this plane for real or scam????

    I stumbled upon a 5000kv equipped modern-fighter themed plane that *appears* to have impeccable performance. It land on water/land, waterproof if gets submerged, has Spektrum’s AS3X plus SAFE-select , can even ascend a 45 degree rocky slope on its belly, and appears very sturdy. Seems perfect...
  13. Dr. Looping Looie

    foamboard Dornier Libelle simple seaplane

    The Dornier Libelle was a light seaplane in the 1930s and was one of the first plane Dornier manufactured in greater numbers. Dornier is one of the greatest manufacturers of seaplanes, and their design with two smaller wings which give the plane stability in the water is still used today. They...
  14. Dr. Looping Looie

    Mighty mini REDAQ a mini twin seaplane

    My second project for the holidays: This really smart saeplane. The Redaq 1.8 is not my own design, the original EPP version was designed by Dieter W. and is well known in the german seaplane flyer community, you can find it at almost every event. I want to build a mini foamboard version with FT...
  15. E

    Scratch built Scale Icon-A5

    Localfiend inspired me to build a build a sea plane with his PBY-5A Catalina design ( I considered a Sea Scout or a Bavar-2, but I have always wanted an Icon-A5, so it was an obvious decision...
  16. Y

    Looking for advice on picking a plane.

    Guys, I'm thinking about getting a seaplane. I really enjoy big slow planes. I'm trying to pick between the Dynam Catalina and the Durafly Sky Mule with this mod. I have no experience with seaplanes. I'm just looking for a little insight and if you guys have any other recommendations.
  17. J

    Martin Mars sea plane

    Well, here I am diving into a plane design, having built a grand total of one FT Swap-able (FT Racer) but totally digging the design philosophies of Josh and Co., as well as all the other builders here. I usually don't start with something easy, so I chose the Martin Mars seaplane, a big, 4...
  18. Nodd

    Nodd RC - Hobby King Skipper

    I've had this little float plane for about a week now, having a lot of fun with it. It also caused somewhat of a buzz with my club mates. Several of them have ordered these after watching me fly. Anyway here's my review video, enjoy...