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Looking for feedback on a charger

I'm looking to consolidate all my chargers into a single unit. I've been looking at the Turnigy accucel-6 mainly for its features for the price. I've found it online from hobbyking, and was wondering, if I'm not in any rush to get it, is it a good deal for $22.99? I have a few 120mAh single cell batteries up to 1300mAh 4S that I'd be charging with it.

Also, I know there's some math involved, but how do I go about estimating how long my batteries are going to take to charge against the amperage of the charger? This particular one charges at 6A max. I'd like to keep charge times to 30mins or under (if possible).


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
How long it takes to charge depends on the battery age, condition and it's state of charge before the charging process is begun and then Charging Amperage. Usually I can charge a battery (3S from 1000mAh to 3000mAh) in 1/2 to 1 hour. If I don't watch my discharge carefully when flying then it can take 1.5 to 2 hours to charge and balance. I have an Accucel 8150 and a Venom Pro. Both work adequately for my purposes. The Venom Pro came with an AC adapter. The Accucel did not, but no issue since my chargers hook directly to my home photovoltaic system. Yep, all my flying is "solar powered".

That Accucel-6 is a very popular charger for sure but if I may suggest one other option. The ValueHobby Gpower X-Charger. Not sure if you are in the U.S. or not but if you are it really is a great deal considering shipping is cheaper out of ValueHobby and it comes with 120v power adapter for less than $10 more. It is the same exact program as the Accucel-6....matter of fact it is a Accucel-6 rebranded. As to charge times, all I can say is......rushing lipo charging is not the best policy, charging should be based on c ratings of the given lipo you want to charge.....fast charging will result in far more wear and tear on both charger and lipos not to mention increasing your chances of a hazardous outcome. Check out the link below if you so wish and if you have more questions on c ratings or the factors that go into charge times please ask.

btw.....I can attest to the X-charger.....has been my one and only charger for 3 years now and still going strong although I don't have a power adapter, mine is hooked up to old cpu power supply.
The easiest way to charge for me is divide the mAh by 1000. So in your case the 120 mAh would charge at .12 amps and a 1300 mAh would charge at 1.3 amps. Note that is at 1c. You need to check the rating for the batteries on what the max C you can charge at. Most batteries can charge to 2c and they will be fine like the 1300 mAh would be 1.3 x 2 so that would be 2.6 amps. I have 180 mAh Nano-techs which can charge up to 15c max but I charge them at 1 amp an they are done around 15 min. I have the Tunigy accucel 6 btw. BUT for some reason it maxes out at around 4 amps even when you put it to charge at 6 amps. It is a nice charger but I'm getting more and more batteries and its slow. I got a parallel charging board from Hobby King which means I can charge multiple batteries at a time but that means I need more amps. Charging two 3s 2200 mAhs means the charger thinks it is a huge 4400 mAh battery. I'm babbling blah blah make any sense?