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Looking for my next plane...

Ryan O.

Elite member
What was your previous experience? Also, have you measured your car space to see which ones can and can't fit? I think that all of them would be great, but the Husky might be a little big for most cars. Also, if you don't have any 4s lipos I'd go with the bigfoot. Hope this helps


Knower of useless information
I'll second the Timbers and Maule. The Timber is my dad's favorite plane because it flies so well, and it has a better drop rate than the Apprentice that he learned on, so he can bring it down in a shorter approach. I've got the UMX version which flies similarly, but I've had a few moments where I've had other guys not see it because of its size.

Plus, the flaps make them able to take off and land in all sorts of shorter areas.