Looking to add FPV to Stratosurfer


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Hello Guy and Girl,

I have a strix stratosurfer that have been flying for a few months now. I am getting longer and longer flight times and further and further away. Anyway many times I have flown it so far out its hard to see and I have to "wiggle" it around to figure out orientation to bring it back in. So since this plane is pretty much made for FPV I thought I would check into it. I am not really sure of all the components needed and how they connect to one and other. Ready Made RC does have a pre-assemble FPV pod I can buy but it's kind of pricey to me. Also, I don't think it comes with goggles. Can someone list the parts I need and possibly a link to a guide on setting it up? Also if you are so kind as to offer links to specific products can you make sure they are in the US?


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There are 4 main components. The camera, the video transmitter, the receiver and the display. IBCrazy did an awesome series of videos, they are definitely worth watching -


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Regarding the stratosurfer do you think it would be possible to turn it into a float plane? All you would need to do would be add two wing pontoons and then seal the two tiny holes in the fuselage. Does anyone think this is possible...


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I'm sure anything is possible. Not sure how it would fly with too much added weight and the pontoons may affect airflow. I fly with a 3200 mah 3s and sometimes it seems to not want to lift. You need to give it a good toss with 3/4 throttle into the wind.