LX Tx w/ Turnigy Rx


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there is no reason to think so...doesn't look like a FlySky/Turnigy and it doesn't say AFHDS anywhere.

Looks like a bit of a dead end because bananahobby does not appear to sell receivers...you could ask them but if an RX is more than $10 or so I would pass. Sometimes they want something ridiculous like $30 for these off brand RXs.

Personally I would not invest any more in it and if you need something inexpensive....consider a FlySky i6

or a better a FlySky i6X

for about $50...it's a better featured TX...failsafe, telementry, iBus, Sbus (i6X), elevon/vtail, 20 model memory etc. quite a few interesting AFHDS2A RXs ( and it supports the older AFHDS RXs) The actual TX is a bit toy like but the gimbals feel ok and you can actually get replacements.