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Major repair help needed with Champ S+

I recently bought a champ S+. I've flown it for about two and a half hours only crashing and breaking the tail twice!! But when I went out last time about half way through I landed and when i went over to hand launch I noticed the rudder was way off. When I took it apart the heat shrink had slipped on the pushrod. This is where the mistakes began. I went over to my girlfriends house shortly after and her dad offered to use a heat gun and shrink tubing that he had with him. What ended up happening was he melted almost the entire lower fuselage. It's now brittle barely there, the pushrod supports are gone and it will barely tape back together. I need help transferring the electronics to a new fuselage and I don't want to mess up with that much money's worth. So I humbly ask for all of your help.