Help! Making a electric powered rocket


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Hi, I'm new to the rc community and as a first project, I'd like to make my own electric powered rocket which could land.
My inspirations are Tom Stanton and rctestflight for this new project of mine.
So my question is about the motors I should use. I did a ton of research online, but since I'm pretty new to this hobby, I wasn't able to know how powerful my rocket motor should be.
I plan to make a 400-500g rocket, so since there is the gravity, does it mean I should have at least 5kg of thrust (in this case, it would get very expensive) or there is something I'm not getting right and I coulf actually fly it with only 600-700g of thrust ?
From the videos of Tom and rctestflight, they don't seem to use very powerful motors, but I might be wrong.
I know this is a very difficult project, but I think I can handle it on the programming and building part as soon as I know what motor and propeller I should use.
Thanks for your help.


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Anything with a thrust to weight ratio greater than 1:1 will fly. The higher the thrust to weight ratio the faster it will go straight up. A single high KV motor spinning a smaller bullnose 3 blade quad prop with a light battery would be my choice. You won’t need a huge motor for a 500g rocket.
You wouldn’t need complicated programming, just fixed control surfaces, a throttle and a parachute to come back down. A simple 2 or 3ch receiver an ESC and one micro servo to deploy the parachute. Get a foam tube, put a motor mount on top, a big spinner and three large equally placed tail fins at the back, battery etc in the lower part, go try it!
You could add simple control to the fins by having them pivot, or you can land by hanging on the prop and coming down again using throttle control.
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