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Mark's Flite Test Goblin Maiden Flight 09-08-2019

Hello good people! My friend invited me to come over and record his Maiden Flight of his Goblin.

My Friend is Mark S. from Titusville, Florida and he did a great job on his! Hand launch was uneventful as another buddy did the honors.
Mark's Goblin tracks like it's on rails. He was saying that he needed a little more Aileron authority (travel?).

Does not have a spar as I understand and he mod the front to have a better support for battery (3-Cell, 1300mAH).

However, were I was standing his Goblin was doing pretty good.

Captain Video

Well-known member
My sons and I have three goblins and have flown them for several months. We love them. Our last trip to the field, one of my sons tossed his goblin like your friend. Usually we grasp the wing tip and whip it into the air. Works great. Unfortunately, the prop grazed the side of his hand leaving several really nasty cuts because he did not move his hand away fast enough. No trip to the hospital or stitches were needed. Just be careful launching this bird!