Retro Rocket EDF takeoff / launch with no landing gear


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I'm building the Retro Rocket with EDF power and no landing gear. Not worried about the belly landing. Getting into the air is what I want to explore. Anyone launching the Retro Rocket with no landing gear? How does it work with the EDF which is heavier and probably needs more airspeed? Thanks!


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It all comes down to thrust to weight.
I can't help with the Retro Rocket but I have built a vertical take off/belly land EDF and its scale as well!
It is a scale model of the A4b, a winged V-2 built and tested right at the end of WWII.
It is made of 3mm Depron sheet and uses a 70 mm EDF right in the tail with a small "high C" 4s LiPo and a simple rate gyro stabiliser. Once at a suitable altitude (and throttle back a lot!) it flies like a normal RC plane. Most un-scale but it loops and rolls easily!
Not easy to do so do not expect instant results. It took me some time to get it to work satisfactorily. Fortunately Depron repairs easily.

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Here is my EDF trainer I designed 11 years ago and like quorneg said, it's thrust to weight. I used a 5 bladed 64 mm EDF and with a twig stuck in the ground, can get vertical takeoffs and notice the slow speed making it an excellent trainer and handles nicely in winds as well as doing being acrobatics with the swept wing. With the EDF on the top surface, it protects the blades from debris
I suggest you put gear on it for when you belly slide it, and tuft of grass or pebbles or other debris is ingested in, you will be needing to replace the fan blades.