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Meeting the FT crew at The USA Science and Engineering Festival, Washington D.C


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Took the family to the country's largest STEM fair, held in the nation's capitol, where we had the chance to meet the Flite Test crew. What a wonderful time we had, but it was made even more so by having FT there and being able to talk to Josh, his lovely wife Jen, and Chad, while they were in my backyard so to speak. A special thanks to the FT STEM guys, Jake and Mitch, for the work on the builds and introducing FT to a lot of people unfamiliar with foam building in the D.C. metro area.

I will try to insert a photo from the event, but I can't figure out how to make it show up inline the post like I have seen in others. for some reason the editor brings it in as an attachment.

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Thats an awesome day for the family mate. Great picture too!

If you look in the tool bar in the box where you type messages there are several icons next to the smiley face. The globe is for posting web links, the fourth one is for pictures which is how you get them to show in your thread. you click that and point it to where the picture is stored on your computer or device (size limitations are in effect 1100 x 900 ish or 250 meg max) and the next one is for you tube links or videos and works in the same way.


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Thanks Pysborg! my original image was 2048x1152 and I guess it inserts as an attachment when its that size. As soon as I reduced the image size to 1100x618 per your recommendation, it inserted the way I wanted. You learn something new everyday after all. I, and the kids appreciate your help.