Help! Need Help to Build 1524 mm (60") Search And Rescue C-130 J-30 LRF/FPV


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This is a wonderful aircraft I must admit. And priced between $3 K to $5 K for what you get as a production craft isn't bad either. Being all electric, FPV, auto-pilot mapping system integration, 3-axis gimbal camera unit, VTOL/Hover/Fixed Wing flight modes... seems a perfect purpose built craft. It would be hard to match it with a DTFB designed craft and off the shelf components in an effort to lower costs.

Did you ever get anywhere with this? Seeing more and more interest in this type of solution for SAR. They don't have bottomless bank accounts.


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with the multi - landing/takeoff on such different grounds... i would rather go for a flying boat style, without outer wing floats, but incorporated in sides of fuselage. (as Dornier used much in the 40-50´s , or helicopters today) Wheels can be a problem many places, flying boat seaplane bottom fuselage wouldnt have problems on grass, high grass, sand, water, snow,eg...

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How does your plane fly in these conditions?

1) Plane has to launch and land in a rainy downpour and gusty conditions (let's try 10- 20mph) with a 30 degree crosswind. It would take a topgun pilot for that with a high wing transport. Wind gets under the wing and ???

2) Plane needs to be waterproof. (itself and electronics)

3) Big boxy plane needs to fly SAR pattern in gusty winds in the mountain? Doubt that differential throttle will help along with rudder.

Have you looked at total electric battery system needed for everything including the reserve to do a 30 min flight? (Suggest you look at possibly gas --20 cc or better)

You have taken on a tough problem that would be nice to solve.