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Mega PID tuning reference database

So i made articles about this, but i keep having new ideas/changes and have realized that this needs to be a forum discussion until it's finalized, then i'll make a new article:) anyway, i made a google doc that is publically editable to collect a bunch of multirotor setups and their respective PID tuning settings. This could be a great reference tool for a newbie or experienced builder/pilot alike.



After some thinking, im wondering if i should somehow setup a Google Form, in which it asks the user all the necessary questions. Once answered, it would automatically add the info to the spreadsheet. This could prevent confusion, and will also prevent someone from deleting info from the spreadsheet etc.

What do yall think? i am new to the google docs/forms thing, so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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I say any help to a new pilot can shorten the learning curve and get them in the air faster. I think it's a great idea!
I don't think that such a list will be worth your effort because most flightcontrollers will come with a setup for an average copter.
Different flightcontrollers have different parametersets and even the scaling / meaning might change over software revisions / versions. Perhaps a list for one flightcontroller with a specific firmware could be somehow useful if you build an extraordinary copter.
Just my 2 cents.
Still insufficient, multiwii has 2 selectable pid controllers. Level I can be a horizon P. Normally you have PIDs for each axis for good reason, and for level flight and acroflight etc....
BTW there are several attempts like yours on the web.
Here is something I found on mwii page:
Do it specific for one flightcontrol than it might be of use. Just my 2 cents.
Cheers Rob