1. A

    Use the gyro to control the ESCs in Betaflight

    Hi everyone, I am working on a free falling drone that could orient it self mid air using reaction wheels instead of propellers (this is my second post about it here) and I got some good advice to use a pre-made flight controller. So I just bought a Lumenier F4 AIO board with some ESCs and...
  2. Snarls

    Plasmatree PID Analyzer

    If you've been around here a while you might know that I have a love/hate relationship with PID tuning. I spend way more packs tuning than the average pilot these days, but I enjoy getting the most performance out of my builds. It seems that at present, there are two types of pilots; ones who...
  3. S

    Pre built gremlin twitchy yaw

    Working with a pre built gremlin (Andres frame). It arrived last week and I have been setting it up over last two days. As far as I can tell I have setup everything on my end correctly. My issue comes with how it handles in flight. While in flight, the quad twitches on the yaw axis (at least...
  4. ItMightFly

    PID Tuning?

    Hello! I have been in the RC world for over 11 years (14 years old now), recently introduced to Multi Rotors, I own a Eachine Wizard x220 (I recommend it), what is PID? I have programmed my quad with BetaFlight 3.1.1 and it flies great. But I keep hearing stuff on YT, "I had to up the 'D' for...
  5. R

    Watch me tune my quad

  6. R

    Betaflight 3.0 tuning!!

    The last couple of months a lot people ask me questions on how I tune my quads. So finally I decided to make a tuning video! This is just a simple video where I show you my process while tuning. Hope this can help people!
  7. J

    CleanFlight PID missing Decimal

    i have been fighting an ongoing battle with my Naze32 Rev6 and its uncanny want not to fly. i had my FT210 flying not to long ago and damaged my Video transmitter and was grounded while a new one was shipped. after putting everything back together i decided i would update to the newest Firmware...
  8. Snarls

    Tuning In Tight Spaces

    I've been doing some tuning on my full KISS build. Generally I do PID tuning in my backyard because I am too lazy to get out to the field. It can be a challenge though because my yard is not the biggest. This makes for some interesting flights.
  9. G

    Versacopter 3 cell PID setup file for Naze32 V5?

    I have been flying my Versacopter for some time now and upgraded to the new mounts. I use powerpack E and a 3 cell battery. It flies pretty well and I fly a lot in acro mode now. Sometimes I get some oscillation when I cut the throttle when lowering altitude and I cut the throttle too much. My...
  10. J

    Best Procedure for PID tuning

    I have a naze 32 on a 250 race style quad. Basically I want to get the most out of my PID tuning. I fully understand the P-I-D coefficients and what they do, I'm a mechanical engineer by training, but that doesn't give me the hands on to PID tuning procedure. So how do I start? zero...
  11. M

    Versacopter GR18 PID settings. Stability etc

    Trying out the versacopter with the Gruapner GR18. Has anyone tried the Gr18?? My experience is that it has very wild oscillations. Manual say may need to adjust the PID via telemetry. Which is fine. I wonder if anyone else has had this experience and how did they overcome. Or, even some PID...
  12. B

    Naze32 PID tuning QAV250 FAIL

    I've recently built a QAV250 with a Naze32 Acro and Cleanflight. I have had several successful flights with the default settings but it doesn't feel particularly locked in and wind can easily push it around. I've calibrated the accelerometer/gyro and am running 1.9 firmware. I also lowered my P...
  13. P

    What is the point of tuning PIDs?

    Is there such a thing as "correct" PIDs for a given airframe/motor/ESC combination, or are PIDs more personal? Do you tune PIDs to suite your flying style? Is there an inherent advantage to "high P" or "low I" or whatever the case may be? Clearly tuning PIDs is a really big deal, but I haven't...
  14. kah00na

    In Flight Tuning Yaw on a Tricopter with Naze32

    I'm using CleanFlight and have two 3 position switch (really I'm using the two dials) on my Taranis setup. I have to switch between the P, I, and D yaw settings and the other to increase/decrease their settings. I'm using PID Controller 3. The problem I'm having is that I have no idea how to...
  15. C

    Anyone fly the Rcexplorer Tri v3 With Naze32 (cleanflight) ??

    Hi everyone Can anyone tell me the PID settings for the yaw axis in cleanflight. I did the autotune and got a yaw P value of 11.1 Want to confirm this is normal or not. Thanks . Chamika
  16. W

    PID settings for 3 blade props

    Hi all, First off, sorry, i hope i posted this thread in the right place. I apologise if not. I was seeking some help, and became interested in what PI (D) settings I should have for three blade props on a quad? I heard they are slightly different to two blades, because of efficiency etc. I...
  17. S

    KK2 - Gain settings

    Hi- Built a quad anycopter and having a hard time with dialing in and making the quad stable. Looking for a couple different profiles, one for stable flight to shoot video and one for more fun flying. Would anyone mind sharing their PID and Stick Scaling numbers?
  18. Greg2B

    Bike Riding Robot using PID control

    So I just came across this video that has been on youtube for a while apparently so maybe it's been talked about here before. But I thought is was interesting how the control board for this robot uses PID control to make the robot balance on the bike(1:34) just like in KK Board and other MR...
  19. C

    Mega PID tuning reference database

    So i made articles about this, but i keep having new ideas/changes and have realized that this needs to be a forum discussion until it's finalized, then i'll make a new article(: anyway, i made a google doc that is publically editable to collect a bunch of multirotor setups and their respective...
  20. T

    Help tuning quad for windy conditions...

    Hey guys I built a 450 sized quad that weighs right at 1200g. It is built around a multiwii 328p board. I have been tuning it indoors in a big multi-purpose building at my church. Indoors it flies awesome. It feels super locked-in and stable and takes great video. But when I take it outside...