1. Snarls

    Plasmatree PID Analyzer

    If you've been around here a while you might know that I have a love/hate relationship with PID tuning. I spend way more packs tuning than the average pilot these days, but I enjoy getting the most performance out of my builds. It seems that at present, there are two types of pilots; ones who...
  2. R

    How to tune your quad | PID's explained VLOG

    In this VLOG i am talking about PID's and how you should tune your quad! Hope it will help some people!
  3. ItMightFly

    PID Tuning?

    Hello! I have been in the RC world for over 11 years (14 years old now), recently introduced to Multi Rotors, I own a Eachine Wizard x220 (I recommend it), what is PID? I have programmed my quad with BetaFlight 3.1.1 and it flies great. But I keep hearing stuff on YT, "I had to up the 'D' for...
  4. R

    Watch me tune my quad

  5. R

    Betaflight 3.0 tuning!!

    The last couple of months a lot people ask me questions on how I tune my quads. So finally I decided to make a tuning video! This is just a simple video where I show you my process while tuning. Hope this can help people!
  6. Snarls

    Tuning In Tight Spaces

    I've been doing some tuning on my full KISS build. Generally I do PID tuning in my backyard because I am too lazy to get out to the field. It can be a challenge though because my yard is not the biggest. This makes for some interesting flights.
  7. R

    Cleanflight intelligent fail safe?

    hello! any one ever tried or looked into tuning the fail safe with/around cleanflight? to get the idea, heres what im thinking of: since both fail safe variants have theyr disadvantages, it might optimize the whole situation if the procedures would vary depending on exterior parameters ie...
  8. M

    Hi all - attempting to tune my quad

    It may just be my level of skill, but my quads seem to fly like sluggish bricks. I have a vortex which flies beautifully; however, my EMAX 200 (spf3, little bee 20A opto, 2206 EMAX motors), never feels locked in, no matter how much I tune it. It has a residual jitter after turns. I'm using...
  9. T-Ro

    KK2 Board Tuning: Help Please

    Well, my quadcopter is complete! I have learned how to fly on a Nano QX, now know how to build a quad, but I am having trouble learning how to tune my quad by myself. I have watched many different videos over and over about P&I settings, what they do, and how to tune your quad. But I am still...
  10. kah00na

    In Flight Tuning Yaw on a Tricopter with Naze32

    I'm using CleanFlight and have two 3 position switch (really I'm using the two dials) on my Taranis setup. I have to switch between the P, I, and D yaw settings and the other to increase/decrease their settings. I'm using PID Controller 3. The problem I'm having is that I have no idea how to...
  11. Techno

    Volunteer for Tricopter Tuning @ FTFF

    Hello everyone who is reading my post. I like many of us on the forum am going to FliteFest later this month. I have had several "flights" and mild crashes with my tricopter. And through this I have concluded the following: I have no idea how to tune a tricopter. I can fly one fine, but this...
  12. A

    New Tricopter severe roll on first flight

    Hey all. I've built a tricopter based on David's fine instructions, and finally received the props I've been waiting on. The board is the HobbyKing Multi-Rotor Control Board V2.1 (Atmega168PA), the motors are DT750 Brushless Outrunner 750kv and the props are 10x4.5 SF Props. Radio is Orange...
  13. RedTwenty

    Need some extra brainpower to figure out this tricopter...

    Hello :D I have a love/hate relationship going on with my Talon Tricopter. I've got it flying, tuned in etc. etc. and it seems to not have a problem until... After a bit of hovering I move off slowly for some out and back type circuits (in the fairly tight area I have been testing in behind...
  14. Mastrmindz

    Need Help with Tricopter Rotorbones

    Hey everyone. It's great to be getting started on these forums. I am glad to consider myself part of the community. First off, I am a total newbie at RC. Just started building my tricopter from Flitetest back during Christmas. I have had many successes and failures, but I am loving every...
  15. J

    KK2 diagonal wobble on x quad

    I've got an issue that I can't work out, hoping for some new insight. My quad is a symmetrical (no dead cat like setup) x configuration. The arms left front and right back react really snappy, but the other two overshoot like crazy. This is most noticeable on moving diagonally and yawing...
  16. Corsair2014

    Mega PID tuning reference database

    So i made articles about this, but i keep having new ideas/changes and have realized that this needs to be a forum discussion until it's finalized, then i'll make a new article(: anyway, i made a google doc that is publically editable to collect a bunch of multirotor setups and their respective...
  17. T

    Help tuning quad for windy conditions...

    Hey guys I built a 450 sized quad that weighs right at 1200g. It is built around a multiwii 328p board. I have been tuning it indoors in a big multi-purpose building at my church. Indoors it flies awesome. It feels super locked-in and stable and takes great video. But when I take it outside...
  18. R

    tri kk2 multistar tuning

    have built a tri and quad, both using stock software on esc's form hobbyking, built the x900 and x550 with their recommended parts, but still having issues with both not staying in a relatively stable position, before I go on I do have V1.2 software on the kk2, still waiting on the USB to update...
  19. P

    Rudder drift

    Hello, I'm new to quadcopters and have just completed my first build. My quadcopter is built on the H.AL. Frame with a KK2 board updated to ver 1.6 from Hobbyking. My maiden flight was a week ago and although it flew well, I experienced rudder drift to the left. Throttle, elvevator/airleron...
  20. PunkStar Studios

    KK2 tuning on DJI setup

    HI All. So I am finally getting around to putting my KK2 onto a DJI frame (DJI equipment all around with an added ESC for powering everything up). With default settings the whole thing vibrated violently. Figured PIDs needed to be turned down. There is still a little bit of vibration but it's a...