Mentiring for FPV - help please!!


Heya so im still unsure of what i want for FPV, I need a setup to work with a 2.4ghz transmitter, and idealy i would like 1 mile of range reliably, and it idealy needs to be super reliable, so i can just lug it out with me and it works, quick and easily. I have around £250 to spend and not sure what frequency, I want to be able to put it on my tbs caiprahna so im not totally sure how suted big antennas may be :/ but im looking to muck around low level and just have fun... I was looking at the googles but 5.8ghz seems like a good frequency but has lots of interferance so not totally sure, would love it if someone could just reccomend me some trusted and reliable products, i can if needed stretch my budget, thanks a bunch everyone!!



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Hey Man,

I think I have something that fits the bill for you, it is on 5.8ghz, but bare with me... :D

It's the fatsharks teleporter v3 kit from Hobbyking: v3

There are mixed opinions about this online but honestly I cannot sing it's praises enough for people on a low budget wanting to start off in FPV, I use this set-up myself and have had no problems with it whatsoever! It has extremely reliable video even with the stock antennas, but if you want greater range then you can buy the circular polarised immersion rc antennas and that will greatly increase your performance and range, and you will still be in your budget! It's also nice and small so should fit on pretty much anything you have, multi rotor or fixed wing. But the best thing is that the parts are interchangeable, so you can upgrade it when you want to. It also records as well as give live footage, which is an added bonus (although you will need to buy an micro sd card for that..).

I have found nothing better,

Hope this helps and good luck with FPV, it really is awesome!