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Micro - 1S Build Help

A picture is worth.....almost all of the above

Yeah, I mean I definitely understand that for when I was describing my inherent issues with the plane and the subsequent achievement of flight and all that...and definitely I am THE WORST at this type of stuff because of my penchant for clearly being longwinded via this type of communication..but I was just trying to say what I’d do if I was to do it over again..and I apologize if it is redundant and unhelpful..but for the last post I sent regarding what receivers I’d use and stuff: I guess just a link would have done the best...not real sure if a picture itself would communicate what receiver board I’d use if doing it again...with that said, this is like my 5th post ever, so I will try to condense and summarize more efficiently in the future, and if you actually do have an interest in the build I completed or the Rx”s that I found then I’d be happy to simply just post that if it is more helpful..

I have no friends that fly, and no references besides the forum and the web..and general stubbornness led me to undertake the Cessna after a multitude of failures and downright discouraging outcomes...so from the outset I tried to explain a problem I didn’t really understand(obviously leading to ramblings)..then once I solved it I think my inherent jubilation and since of astonishment of the result kind of made me OVERLY EXCITED TO SHARE....so my B...


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We all get excited about planes, most of us are prone to some rambling once in a while. That's not a problem, but with a good ramble most of is like so see and share pics along the way too ;)